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Dinah Madani: We need good people here to get things done. And let's face it... when it comes to this stuff... you're the best. I'm offering you a job, Castle.

Frank Castle: I already got a job, Madani.

Amy Bendix: Why did you come after me in the bar that night?

Frank Castle: "Rough Road." Uh, it's... It's what you called me, remember? Rough Road. I don't know, I... I thought it was funny.

Amy Bendix: Hmm.

Frank Castle: Yeah, it was like the tougher you acted, the more scared you looked.

Frank Castle: You're a kid. Go act like one. I can't have you on my conscience.

Amy Bendix: I'm sorry, are... are you saying that you care?

Frank Castle: Yeah... I think you're a boil on my ass. A big one. One that just won't go away.

Amy Bendix: Yeah, I once put a stitch or two in your butt.

Frank Castle: Yes, you did.

Amy Bendix: Well, I... I care about you, too.

Frank Castle: Okay, John. Here's the thing. That kid right there... the one whose head you got that gun on, you see, I'd do anything for her. Anything.

Frank Castle: Can I ask you something? That Matt Murdock, does he know you're here? (Karen looks away) Yeah, that's what I thought.

Karen Page: What does that have to do with this?

Frank Castle: Come on, Karen. He's good. Don't throw that away for me.

Frank Castle: I think about those women, you know? What were their faces like, you know? What were they thinking about when my bullets, my bullsh*t, when it... ripped right through them and ended everything they had...

Karen Page: Frank, no, you didn't know. You didn't know they were there.

Frank Castle: It's not that I didn't know. I didn't care. I didn't care. Right then, I would've killed anything that got in my way. You know what that means, right? Now I'm the monster. Yeah. If any of those pieces of sh*t that I killed, if they deserved to die... so do I.

Frank Castle: You're the only one that's different, Curtis. All that time we spent training to kill people, you were trained to put 'em back together. You know, help 'em, heal 'em. Me and Bill, not so much.

Curtis Hoyle: Hey, hey, cut it out. Stop that. You're nothing alike. He was lying the whole time. And maybe he didn't know it himself, but he was something else, something empty. That right there, that's the difference, Frank. You give a sh*t about people. He doesn't.

Frank Castle: You know, I remember... I remember killing every one of 'em, Curtis. You know, just... They're dead. Sometimes, I think that's all I got. Just me and the ghosts.

Frank Castle: I'm not the one that dies, kid. I'm the one that does the killing. The thing is, every time I try to be someone different, that's when the wrong people get hurt.

Amy Bendix: This is such a total flustercluck.

Frank Castle: Sh*t. (laughs) Yeah. "Flustercluck." Yes, it is, kid. Yes, it is.

Billy Russo: You did this to me, Frank? I said... did you do this to me?

Frank Castle: You're godd*mn right I did!

Dinah Madani: You decide someone deserves to be gone, and, bang, they're gone. No second thoughts, no qualms, no conscience. And then on you go, happy and safe on your... I guess at least borderline psychopathic, merry way.

Frank Castle: Listen, Madani, you're right. I can do it. I could kill him and just walk away. But that doesn't mean it's easy. I can live with it, yeah. I can live with anything. There's no peace up here. (points to his head) There's no happy medium that I'm looking for.

Amy Bendix: This place costs $40,000 a year, just for tuition. I'm sure they all come out as well-rounded, decent human beings.

Frank Castle: Yeah, maybe we'll see if we can get you a spot, huh? Sign you up for the glee club.

Amy Bendix: Yeah, you might as well just shoot me now.

Frank Castle: Only someone who's never been shot would say something stupid like that.

Amy Bendix: Like I said, the only way to win is to not play.

Frank Castle: Yeah, that's not an option. Just got to make sure we're the dealer.

Character from Marvel’s The Punisher

The Punisher Quotes

The Punisher Quotes

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