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David Lieberman: Hey! Hey! Look at me. Hey, Frank! Hey! I betrayed you, okay? Listen to me, I betrayed you. I brought them here. I brought them here, okay? Call me a piece of sh*t. Come on. Call me an a**hole. Come on. Call me a son of a b*tch. Come on. Come on! Call me a piece of sh*t! Let's go! My friend is dying... Come on, please, please. Please, please. (Frank opens his eyes) There you go. Yes! Yeah, that's right, you scary, beautiful man! That's right! Yeah. I got you. I got you.

Frank Castle: Home.

Dinah Madani: Did you know it was Frank who killed Zubair? There was no honor in that. It was murder.

David Lieberman: You think Frank doesn't know that? That haunts him. That, and everything that came after. Frank is resigned to die because he's not sure that he deserves to live. That's a shame.

Sarah Lieberman: Where is Frank?

David Lieberman: Where is he? Um, he's where he wants to be.

Sarah Lieberman: What does that mean?

David Lieberman: I let him do something really stupid. I gave him my word I'd let him sacrifice himself for us.

Sarah Lieberman: Are those men gonna kill him?

David Lieberman: If he doesn't kill them first. All he wants is the chance.

Sarah Lieberman: I hope he does it. Those men? They deserve to go to hell, and I hope he sends them there.

Dinah Madani: You don't believe in justice?

David Lieberman: No, I did. I did. You were it. You and the system. I've learned different.

Dinah Madani: Good men have died trying to expose this thing. They believed.

David Lieberman: Well, I believe the only way to get these assholes is to become like them.

Dinah Madani: No, I don't believe that.

David Lieberman: You will. In the end.

David Lieberman (to Madani): You want that video so that Frank Castle can point at himself on the screen and then point at William Rawlins and then say, "That's your guy." And then you want justice... 'cause you haven't figured out that there is no such thing yet.

David Lieberman: That skull? That's a memento mori. It's Latin for, "Remember, you will die." In Rome, victorious generals would return from war, and so they didn't get blinded by glory, they'd have a slave who would say, "Remember, you're only human. You are gonna die."

Frank Castle: Well, that sounds good to me.

David Lieberman: Well, it's meant as an admonition to value your life, to live it well.

(David and Frank are listening to a radio interview of Karen and a senator about gun control)

Senator: Guns are a toxin in our society. In the wrong hands, they wreak terrible results. It's barely a year since this city was terrorized by the Punisher.

Karen Page: You know, uh, that's hardly the same thing. Frank Castle killed murderers and drug dealers.

Senator: But where's the line, Karen? Frank Castle decided he knew better than the law and was tried for killing 37 people.

Karen Page: Frank Castle's not a terrorist.

David Lieberman: Thirty-seven?

Frank Castle: That they know about.

Radio host: Castle was a hero to many who felt that he was doing what cops failed to do.

David Lieberman (to Frank): I keep forgetting about your thing, Frank. Only do unto bad guys. Rob Badass Peter so you can kill Psycho Paul, so on and so forth. What do you call that? Is that a code? I mean, is it a mantra? It's not a mantra, right? Is it an ethos? What if we got you a little pair of green tights and a pointy cap with a feather in it...

David Lieberman: Your Operation Cerberus... doesn't exist. There's no official record. There's no congressional approval. It's totally off the books. You know what that means? They turned you into a hit man, Frank. Now, I don't care if we trust each other or not. I don't wanna be blood brothers. That stuff is for kids in tree houses. But you and me, we want the same thing right now. So work with me.

Frank Castle: One condition.

David Lieberman: Yeah, name it.

Frank Castle: They die. Yeah? Every single one of 'em. No trials. No bullsh*t. They die.

David Lieberman: Yeah, I can live with that.

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