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Catherine: I have carried a romantic idea of people all my life. Perhaps too romantic. That has changed quite a bit recently. I saw a great love as a kind of perfect love. Maybe it's not. Maybe a great love, like a great country or a great leader even... is a flawed one. Maybe what makes it great is its embrace of our failings, our scars... our f**ked-upedness... as long as we are questing always for better... knowing that we will bring ourselves down as often as we set ourselves free. Maybe a great marriage is simply the ability to hold all that in one tender, yearning heart.

(At Marial's wedding, Peter and Catherine have little speeches...)

Peter: If I may, I would like to wish the couple well. And maybe add a few words on marriage. I understood little about marriage until I met my wife. Now I know it to be a lot like the roller coaster she herself built, ups and downs, exhilaration, a... a slightly terrifying sense that all will go awry and everyone will die. But in the end you stay on the rails... kept there by gravity and the force of your love.

Catherine: My advice to you is to expect the unexpected. Marriage is both a joy and a place where you will be dealt unbearable griefs.

Peter: If love is strong enough, all griefs are bearable.

Catherine: It doesn't matter why he did it. Or how.

Elizabeth: Of course it does. That's where the human being lives, in the how and why, not the should. If you cannot metabolize your pure ideas of love and philosophy with blood and sinew and f**ked-up humans who do their best and fail but try to love and serve you...

Catherine: Everything in me wants to f**king kill him.

Elizabeth: Not everything. Or you wouldn't have to hit yourself in the face.

(Catherine find out Peter slept with and accidentally killed her mother...)

Catherine: I'm going to kill you so, so slowly, very painfully, and I'm going to say a lot of French words in a perfect accent as I peel your skin from your body and rub your flesh in rosemary salt.

Peter: I can't stop loving you when you talk, it rushes me.

Catherine: Hypothetical. A woman who has loathed you, tried to kill you, overthrown you, and imprisoned you walks into a room... and tells you she loves you. What do you do?

Peter: First try and start breathing again.

Catherine: And then?

(throws himself at her, Catherine takes off her corset very fast...)

Catherine: Velcra.

Peter: Science. Love it.

Catherine: I'm ruthless.

Peter: Love that about you.

Catherine: I can be judgmental.

Peter: You don't think that. You think you are just perceptive and precise in attributing everyone's deficiencies and shortcomings.

Catherine: Hmm?

Peter: You laugh because that is what you tell yourself, isn't it?

Catherine: Sometimes I think you're the only person who really knows me.

Catherine (to Joanna): You are always seeking for me to look at reality. Well, suddenly I am, and it is horrifying. You don't believe in me. I've spent my life trying to get you to... and you just don't.

Catherine: I'm just a piece in your perfect tableau. The maestro of marriage.

Joanna: You were born to be a royal wife. You were trained to be a royal wife. Be one and stop this, and live. Darling, your sisters can do it, why can't you?

Catherine: Because I am not them! I'm better!

Orlo: Why don't we just build the whole thing?

Man: That would be impressive.

Catherine: By tomorrow afternoon? I think not.

Serf: This is Russia.

Catherine: I've never heard that saying said as a good thing.

Catherine: Sometimes you just take the next step and the path appears. That is what I wished to do and my team dissolved around me.

Elizabeth: As I said, difference of opinion.

Marial: It happens. Many people like this dress, but I have heard negative comments also.

Catherine: We cannot change without cost, even if it is our own.

Catherine: I will be freeing the serfs. Today! And yes, I yelled that bit for effect.

Catherine: What do they want?

Velementov: I don't know. Any time one of them talks, the others start yelling. I made them put their pistols in a bucket.

Catherine: It's times like these I am so glad you are my key military strategist.

Catherine: Let her speak freely, for that is what this school is about.

Nadia: Speaking freely? The espousal of ideas?

Catherine: Yes.

Nadia: But not the acting of them. Are you not like a drunken father at a dining party telling the world how it should change but doing nothing but falling over at the end of the night in your own vomited and useless ideas?

Velcra: Oh, dear me.

Catherine: Gosh, you have a turn of phrase.

Nadia: As do you, Empress, but we're thinking that's all you have.

Catherine: Right.

(Students throw food at her)

Velcra: Girls! Go and stand over there and stare at art.

Catherine: Here's to many more parties like this, because I am your Empress, whom you love and think is very fun.

Peter: Uh, but not as fun as me. Because I am known for being fun.

Catherine: Indeed, you are not known for much else.

Peter: In God's eyes, I am still the chosen.

Catherine: God cares for his people, so chose again.

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The Great Quotes

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Catherine The Great Quotes from The Great


  • Emperor Peter, I present this branch of spruce. It is an evergreen, and I hope it will be a symbol of our feelings for each other, that we will be constant and caring all our lives. (Catherine – Ep. 1×01)
  • Ever since I was a child, I felt like greatness was in store for me. A great life, I felt. Like God himself had spat me forth to land on this Earth and in some way transform it. That I was here for a reason, a purpose. (Catherine – Ep. 1×01)
  • Sometimes I’m so f**king clever, I have to take a breath not to become dizzy. (Catherine – Ep. 1×07)
  • I think if God really loved women, we’d lay eggs. (Catherine about pregnancy – Ep. 2×01)
  • I look at you and go dry like sand. (Catherine to Peter – Ep. 2×01)
  • I’d rather choke to death on this tiny chicken. (Catherine to Peter – Ep. 2×02)
  • Oh, you don’t talk, my love. (Catherine to Peter – Ep. 2×02)
  • God would not constrain our hearts, and nor shall I do Him the insult of doing it. I will not constrain people’s love for a deity, for it traps their hearts in fear and I will not lead a land such as this. (Catherine – Ep. 2×02)
  • When you get to France, close your legs and open a book. (Catherine to Georgina – Ep. 2×03)
  • I will be freeing the serfs. Today! And yes, I yelled that bit for effect. (Catherine – Ep. 2×06)


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