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Peter: I'm really not enjoying this conversation.

Elizabeth: Shall I dance around a bit as we do it, so it's more pleasing for you? We could do with some lightness at court. Maybe she should all order us to dance for a day. How wonderful.

Peter: They're my friends. I can't watch them die, and she can't walk away from it and let them go, we all know that.

Elizabeth: You'll make other friends. People love you.

Peter: Eh, that's true.

Elizabeth: There's only one her.

Peter: Yes.

Elizabeth: I'm dancing away now, having made my point in such a categorical and devastating way, you can but smile at my wisdom, and eat the macaroon I'm handing to you.

Peter: Hmm. Mm, f**king good macaroon.

Elizabeth (about Catherine): She doesn't want to be alone. Yesterday, she felt like a lone cloud in a sky full of ravens who didn't speak cloud, and yet she thought the previous day the sky was full of clouds.

Peter: It's complicated imagery.

Elizabeth: She was as lonely as a human can be. Her love betrayed her, her best friend lied to her, her team abandoned her, her philosophy broke in a Turkish blood spray, and her reason collapsed under the weight of it all. Her optimism, her arrogance, her belief in humans as good.

Peter: Well, she did describe it as a bad day.

Vinodel: I may be deeply in love.

Elizabeth: Not something I do.

(The morning after Elizabeth's big orgy...)

Vinodel: You fired something in me, and when I look at you now, I must have you again. I suggest immediately, and possibly hourly after that.

Elizabeth: Well, flattered, of course, but I really keep things like that on a high rotation. A man, then a woman, two men and a woman, then something with wood. My own hand, in a forest setting, an unwilling guard, and a serf touching themselves as I eat cake. Maybe in a month or two.

Vinodel: I may just take you. (touches her arm, she punches him in a stomach)

Elizabeth: Like I said, in a month, sweep my feet from under me and demand my compliance with some hair pulling and a tongue dipped in black opium, and we have a deal.

Elizabeth: I often find the injuries from a torrid night, the lingering, slight pains, it's quite pleasant for a few days after.

Elizabeth: Taste this.

Catherine: Oh, delicious.

Elizabeth: When Paul was born your placenta was placed in a barrel of the finest vodka.

Catherine: I just drank my placenta?

Elizabeth: Sweet and strong like you.

Archie: A little yeasty though.

Catherine: It doesn't matter why he did it. Or how.

Elizabeth: Of course it does. That's where the human being lives, in the how and why, not the should. If you cannot metabolize your pure ideas of love and philosophy with blood and sinew and f**ked-up humans who do their best and fail but try to love and serve you...

Catherine: Everything in me wants to f**king kill him.

Elizabeth: Not everything. Or you wouldn't have to hit yourself in the face.

Elizabeth (to Catherine): We kept it from you to protect you from who your mother was. It was an act of love, not an act of betrayal. Catherine, you're delusional about people, about the world. That is your great gift. But it's a curse as well.

Joanna (about Catherine): I am saving her from herself. Someone will cut her throat!

Elizabeth: Probably. But she may do much before that happens. This is Russia. We hope for the best, expect the worst, and don't get too exercised about either eventuality.

Catherine: Sometimes you just take the next step and the path appears. That is what I wished to do and my team dissolved around me.

Elizabeth: As I said, difference of opinion.

Marial: It happens. Many people like this dress, but I have heard negative comments also.

Catherine: We cannot change without cost, even if it is our own.

Elizabeth: This amount of agitation is quite serious. It can cause the baby to explode in the womb. You must have a release.

Dr. Vinodel: Self-pleasure is allowed in pregnancy, but I would have to be standing by to watch.

Catherine: Is that essential?

Dr. Vinodel: Probably not as essential as I'm making it sound.

(Catherine is crying hysterically, Elizabeth walks in, looks around at people for the reason...)

Orlo: Leo.

Elizabeth: And you fools just stand there? I thought the new Russia was one where we held each other in our joys and sorrows. (hugs Catherine) Let it go. It is a storm. They will never stop coming, but pass through and away. They always will.

(Catherine is laying down with a frog on her pregnant belly...)

Dr. Vinodel: I must listen for a heartbeat.

Elizabeth: If there was not a heartbeat, the frog would hop off.

Elizabeth: I have these sticks from Asia. They are to enhance your fertility, but I cannot work out whether we wave them over your womb or insert them into you.

Catherine: I'm pretty sure it's a "wave them" situation.

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