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(David is on the phone with his friend...)

David Nelson: It's so cringe. He's made such a big deal out of telling our dad. Such an attention seeker. Ah, probably his drama-queen boyfriend's influence. Yeah. Mate, well, exactly. That's it.

(Tori kicks David's phone out of his hand...)

Tori Spring: You are a pathetic little man. Talk about my brother like that again, and I'll end you.

Tori Spring (to Nick): Look after him or you die.

Charlie Spring: Tori!

Tori Spring: You're telling people then?

Charlie Spring: Yeah.

Tori Spring: And you're not worried?

Charlie Spring: About what?

Tori Spring: About getting bullied again?

Charlie Spring: It's not gonna be like when I got outed. We just want people to know we're together. I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure Nick doesn't have to deal with what I did. I can protect him. I can make sure that he never feels pressured or stressed or... scared. Everything's gonna be perfect.

Tori Spring: Why exactly did you purchase the entire Tesco snack aisle?

Charlie Spring: It's a sleepover. We need snacks. And everything about tonight needs to be perfect.

Tori Spring: Are you getting graded for it?

Charlie Spring: Are you staying to hang out with us?

Tori Spring: I will be going upstairs.

Charlie Spring: Mum and Dad hardly ever go away at weekends. You can invite some of your friends over.

Tori Spring: I treasure my alone time.

Charlie Spring: Before I met Nick, I was sort of going out with this other guy. I liked him, but... he made me feel like I was ruining his life. Like he didn't want me to even exist. And now Nick's lost all his friends, and he's getting into fights because of me. And I just feel like maybe I do just ruin people's lives. And it would be better if I didn't exist.

(Charlie cries and Tori hugs him)

Tori Spring: You're not ruining my life.

Charlie Spring: I wish you didn't have to go.

Nick Nelson: I wish I didn't either. You look so cuddly like that.

Charlie Spring: Do I?

Nick Nelson: Yeah. (hugs Charlie suddenly) Um... Okay, see you Monday. (leaves)

Tori Spring: I don't think he's straight.

Charlie Spring: Is my hair too short?

Tori Spring: It looks the same.

Charlie Spring: But is it okay?

Tori Spring: It looks the same.

Charlie Spring: Great. Thanks.

Tori Spring Quotes from Heartstopper

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Tori Spring is a character from Heartstopper

Heartstopper Quotes

Heartstopper Quotes

Tori Spring is a older sister of Charlie Spring. Her full name is Victoria Annabel Spring.

Tori Spring is played by the actress Jenny Walser.


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