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(The teachers run into Nick and Charlie sneaking around and about to kiss in hotel hall and send them to their room...)

Nathan Ajayi: Couldn't have let them off? Pretty sure I did the exact same thing at that age. Sneaking around like that. With a boy. You never did anything like that?

Youssef Farouk: Well, when you don't figure out you're gay until your late 20s, you tend to miss out on those beautiful gay teenage experiences.

Nathan Ajayi: Hmm.

Youssef Farouk: Probably a bit late for me to have any youthful moments of discovery.

Nathan Ajayi: Don't think there's an age limit on those, to be honest.

Youssef Farouk: You flirting with me?

Nathan Ajayi: Maybe.

Youssef Farouk: I need a drink. An alcoholic drink.

Nathan Ajayi: We probably shouldn't drink alcohol.

Youssef Farouk: I need a croissant then.

Mr. Ajayi (to Charlie): I'm not going to make you go because I'm a nice teacher. When I was at school, I thought that hiding from it all was safer, easier. But sometimes the loneliness was just as bad. Don't let anyone make you disappear, Charlie.

Mr. Ajayi: When I was a teenager and had a crush on a straight boy, I just repressed it and suffered.

Charlie Spring: That doesn't sound very healthy.

Mr. Ajayi: Mmm. Now, this may seem obvious, but have you tried putting some space between you?

Charlie Spring: Can't do that.

Mr. Ajayi: Can't or don't want to?

Charlie Spring: Nope.

Mr. Ajayi: I'm just saying...

Charlie Spring: I needed realistic solutions. He's... He's a really good friend.

Mr. Ajayi: I'm afraid you're just gonna have to suffer then.

Mr. Ajayi: Just talk to him. It's better to be honest about your feelings in the long run.

Charlie Spring: I hate being honest.

Nathan Ajayi Quotes from Heartstopper

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Nathan Ajayi is a character from Heartstopper

Heartstopper Quotes

Heartstopper Quotes

Nathan Ajayi, more known as Mr. Ajayi is a high school teacher at Truham.

Nathan Ajayi is played by the actor Fisayo Akinade.


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