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Nick Nelson: Oh, my God, I like you so much. And I love liking you. I like Charlie Spring in a romantic way, not just a friend way! What?

Charlie Spring: I never thought this would happen to me.

Nick Nelson: Me neither.

Nick Nelson: I know people have hurt you. And you feel like I'd be better off without you, but... I need you to know that my life is way better because I met you.

Charlie Spring: You don't have to say that.

Nick Nelson: I do. And I'll keep on saying it until you believe me. Look, I don't care about getting into fights or pissing off my mates or anything like that. It's all worth it to be with you. You are the kindest, most thoughtful and caring and amazing person in the whole world, and if you really want to break up, then I would respect your decision, but I want us to be together.

Charlie Spring: Nick...

Nick Nelson: You're my favorite person, I need you to believe me.

Charlie Spring: Nick. I believe you. I believe you.

Charlie Spring (to Ben): I understand that you're figuring out your sexuality, but you don't get to make me feel like crap anymore just because you hate yourself. So leave me alone. Just leave me alone.

Charlie Spring: Before I met Nick, I was sort of going out with this other guy. I liked him, but... he made me feel like I was ruining his life. Like he didn't want me to even exist. And now Nick's lost all his friends, and he's getting into fights because of me. And I just feel like maybe I do just ruin people's lives. And it would be better if I didn't exist.

(Charlie cries and Tori hugs him)

Tori Spring: You're not ruining my life.

Nick Nelson: I kind of got into a fight. With Harry. After you left and I went back to the group, he... he started saying some... things about you. I just lost it. And punched him, and... yeah.

Charlie Spring: Nick. You didn't have to do that. I promise, I'm used to people saying stuff about me.

Nick Nelson: No, but you shouldn't have to be. People shouldn't be saying stuff about you in the first place. You shouldn't have to put up with anything like that.

(On the group chat...)

Darcy Olsson: Tao and Elle should come to our double date.

Nick Nelson: Wait, are they dating?

Darcy Olsson: Not YET they're not.

Charlie Spring: Do Tao and Elle like each other???

Tara Jones: Elle definitely likes Tao.

Darcy Olsson: And they'd make such a good couple!!!

Charlie Spring: Btw they don't know me and Nick are together.

Tara Jones: That's okay!! We won't say anything.

Nick Nelson: So now it's a triple date?

Charlie Spring: And Tao and Elle don't know it's a date at all...

Darcy Olsson: We are such meddling gays and I love it.

Tao Xu: If you want my attention that badly, why don't you throw something at me again? Like your last remaining brain cell?

Harry Greene: That's not even...

Charlie Spring: Wow. I think you hurt his feelings.

Tao Xu: Good.

Nick Nelson (to Charlie): I'm so sorry, I... I'm just so sorry I ran away last night. I was just freaking out because, uh... I was confused and surprised and, like, honestly... I'm having a proper, full-on gay crisis. And it's not that I didn't want to, you know... kiss you. I just... I was just so confused. I've just been so, so confused. I just think I need some time to... figure this out. (hugs Charlie)

(Later Nick is leaving...)

Nick Nelson: At school... is it okay if we, like...

Charlie Spring: Keep this a secret?

Nick Nelson: Yeah. I just don't really know if I can, uh... You know. Come out as anything.

Charlie Spring: I wish you didn't have to go.

Nick Nelson: I wish I didn't either. You look so cuddly like that.

Charlie Spring: Do I?

Nick Nelson: Yeah. (hugs Charlie suddenly) Um... Okay, see you Monday. (leaves)

Tori Spring: I don't think he's straight.

Charlie Spring: Is my hair too short?

Tori Spring: It looks the same.

Charlie Spring: But is it okay?

Tori Spring: It looks the same.

Charlie Spring: Great. Thanks.

Mr. Ajayi: When I was a teenager and had a crush on a straight boy, I just repressed it and suffered.

Charlie Spring: That doesn't sound very healthy.

Mr. Ajayi: Mmm. Now, this may seem obvious, but have you tried putting some space between you?

Charlie Spring: Can't do that.

Mr. Ajayi: Can't or don't want to?

Charlie Spring: Nope.

Mr. Ajayi: I'm just saying...

Charlie Spring: I needed realistic solutions. He's... He's a really good friend.

Mr. Ajayi: I'm afraid you're just gonna have to suffer then.

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Heartstopper Quotes

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