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Tao Xu (about Charlie): You should talk to him.

Nick Nelson: Yeah, so should you.

Tao Xu: No. I'm gonna stay pissed off with him for a bit longer.

Tao Xu: I've known Charlie since we were 11, and he's always had a tendency to believe that him just existing is annoying for other people.

Nick Nelson: Yeah. I sort of got that impression.

Tao Xu: He's not going to force you to come out. Which is good. He would literally never tell you this, but he probably wants to be something more than "secret guy you kiss sometimes on the down-low." And if you can't give him more than that then... I mean, that's fine, but it's always gonna make him feel a little bit crap about himself.

Tao Xu (to Harry): You clearly didn't get hugged much as a child, but if you're craving human contact that badly, you could just say so.

Tao Xu: If you want my attention that badly, why don't you throw something at me again? Like your last remaining brain cell?

Harry Greene: That's not even...

Charlie Spring: Wow. I think you hurt his feelings.

Tao Xu: Good.

Tao Xu: I don't know if this thing with Charlie is a joke or not, but for some reason, he really likes you, and you're messing with him. And I will not tolerate it, so consider this your final warning.

Nick Nelson: Yeah. You're right. You're a good friend.

Tao Xu: I know.

Nick Nelson: Just stop picking on people for no reason.

Harry Greene: Aw! Are you gay for them?

Tao Xu: Classic Harry. Resorting to homophobia when you can't think of a good comeback.

Harry Greene: Mate, are you in a mood today?

Tao Xu: Are you? Serious question. Life must be really hard when your only personality trait is rich bell-end.

Tao Xu: Maybe we should just stop getting involved.

Elle Argent: I can't believe you just actually suggested that. You, Tao Xu, King of Getting Involved.

Tao Xu (to Charlie): As your token straight friend, it's my duty to remind you that sometimes people are straight. It's an unfortunate fact of life.

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