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(Bode uses the force against Cal and ignites his lightsaber...)

Cal Kestis: You can't be!

Bode Akuna: You're not the only one who survived.

(Cal takes form of Santari...)

Cal (as Santari Khri): The shuttles are leaving. I will not return. You're lost. You've strayed from the path. And you are no Jedi.

Dagan Gera: You! (Cal turns back to himself) You! Tanalorr! Is!

(Cal and Bode defeat Dagan)

Bode Akuna: Please. Tell me this is real. What happened?

Cal Kestis: Some kind of Force hallucination. Fueled by fear. I used his against him.

Dagan Gera: Why are you here when your true enemy is out there? (picks up a stormtrooper helmet) How could you let the galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire? You think yourself a survivor but you are a failure!

Cal Kestis: They haven't beaten us. Not yet.

Dagan Gera: Now who is blinded by the past? Within the Abyss the Empire cannot reach us. I will forge these raiders into an elite army led by disciples trained in the Force at my temple. Then when the time is right I will strike out and cleanse this galaxy with fire.

Bode Akuna: We've already got an Emperor.

Merrin: Jetpack! Man the guns.

Bode Akuna: Copy that.

Merrin: Oh, and I might need some of your blood. In case I get tired.

Bode Akuna (nervously): Ha.

Bode Akuna: Think you can land?

Greez Dritus: I don't know! The risky part's gonna be taking off again and the last thing I want is to be stuck on this haunted rock!

Bode Akuna: You could always build a second cantina. Franchise.

Greez Dritus: Hey, how 'bout you save the jokes for later, Jetpack?

Bode Akuna (to Dagan): Hey, bacta breath.

Bode Akuna: So we rescue Zee, get out of here, find Tanalorr, and then... what?

Cal Kestis: I'm just taking it day by day.

Bode Akuna: Maybe figure something out with Merrin?

Cal Kestis: She's got her path, I've got mine.

Bode Akuna: Yeah, I've heard Jedi avoid attachment, but...

Cal Kestis: That's right.

Bode Akuna: Just don't forget who you really are.

Cal Kestis: What's that supposed to mean?

Bode Akuna: It means trust your heart. Things are only getting worse out there. Life is precious. And so is happiness.

Cal Kestis: I wish it were that simple.

Bode Akuna: It is that simple. If you see a future with Merrin, embrace it.

Bode Akuna: You know anything about this laboratory on the moon, Greez?

Greez Dritus: What am I, a tour guide? I'm a busy Latero. No time to visit broken moons. First Jedha, now this. Oh, believe me - moons are nothing but trouble.

(Bode gives Cal a blaster...)

Cal Kestis: My master always frowned upon using blasters.

Merrin: You once said it wasn't the weapon that makes you a Jedi.

BD-1: Boop beep.

Bode Akuna: It's us against the galaxy, Cal. We've got to use every advantage we can find against the Empire.

Bode Akuna: Be careful out there. No pointless heroics, yeah?

Cal Kestis: Greez, have you been telling stories about me?

Greez Dritus: I got plenty of things to talk about besides you, kid.

Bode Akuna: I'll keep Greez safe and sound.

Greez Dritus: Greez Dritus don't need no babysitter!

Bode Akuna: Sounds like someone needs a nap.

Greez Dritus: Watch it, you.

(Empire ships show up...)

Bode Akuna: Not the valet service I was hoping for.

(Cal opens a map of Empire controlled planets...)

Cal Kestis: They're everywhere.

Bode Akuna: Not the breakthrough we were hoping for.

Cal Kestis: Years of fighting... But nothing we've done had slowed them down.

Cal Kestis: What about you, new guy? Are you in this for the credits?

Bode Akuna: Credits never hurt. But uh... I have a daughter. Kata. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, but at least I can provide for her.

Bode Akuna: So, I heard you fought the Empire on Kashyyyk.

Cal Kestis: Yeah.

Bode Akuna: Hijacked a Walker and broke open an Imperial prison camp single-handed.

BD-1: Beep-boop!

Cal Kestis: That one was BD.

BD-1: Beep.

Bode Akuna: Just the two of you.

Cal Kestis: And some friends.

Bode Akuna is a character from Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars Quotes

You can find Bode Akuna in the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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