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Wednesday Quotes - The Best Quotes from the Netflix TV series Wednesday

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Valerie Kinbott: This is a safe space, Wednesday. A sanctuary where we can discuss anything. What you're thinking, feeling, your views on the world, personal philosophy.

Wednesday Addams: That's easy. I think that this is a waste of time. I see the world as a place that must be endured, and my personal philosophy is kill or be killed.

Wednesday Addams: Oh, Thing, you poor, naive appendage. My parents aren't worried about me. They're evil puppeteers who want to pull my strings even from afar.

Wednesday Addams: I looked up and saw that gargoyle coming down and I thought, "At least I'll have an imaginative death."

Rowan Laslow (to Wednesday): My mother promised me I'd finally fit in somewhere. I never thought it was possible to be an outcast in a school full of outcasts.

Bianca Barclay (to Wednesday): Let's see if you bleed in black and white.

Bianca Barclay: Oh, you must be the psychopath they let in.

Wednesday Addams: You must be the self-appointed Queen Bee. Interesting thing about bees. Pull out their stingers, they drop dead.

Marilyn Thornhill: I trust Enid has given you the old Nevermore welcome.

Wednesday Addams: She's been smothering me with hospitality. I hope to return the favor. In her sleep.

Wednesday Addams (to Enid): By the way, there are two D's in Addams. If you're going to gossip about me, at least spell my name correctly.

Enid Sinclair: What the hell did you do to my room?

Wednesday Addams: Dividing our room equally. It looks like a rainbow vomited on your side.

Morticia Addams: You are a brilliant girl, Wednesday, but sometimes you get in your own way.

Wednesday Addams: I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation.

(Ajax meeting Wednesday...)

Ajax Petropolus: Whoa. You're in black and white. Like a living Instagram filter.

Ajax Petropolus: Yo, Enid! You're not gonna believe the dirt I heard about your new roommate. She eats human flesh. Chowed down on that kid she murdered. You better watch your back.

(Enid stands aside revealing Wednesday standing behind her...)

Wednesday Addams: Quite the contrary. I actually fillet the bodies of my victims, then feed them to my menagerie of pets.

Enid Sinclair: Let me give you a wiki on Nevermore's social scene.

Wednesday Addams: I'm not interested in participating in tribal adolescent clichés.

Enid Sinclair: Well, then use it to fill your obviously bottomless pit of disdain.