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Wednesday Addams: I haven't always been against birthdays. Each one reminds me I'm a year closer to death's cold embrace. What's not to like about that?

Enid Sinclair: What happened? It looked like you were having a seizure.

Wednesday Addams: I wasn't that lucky.

Enid Sinclair: Everyone deserves to be celebrated on their birthday.

Wednesday Addams: I prefer to be vilified.

Goody Addams: The path of a Raven is a solitary one. You end up alone, unable to trust others, only seeing the darkness within them.

Wednesday Addams: Is that supposed to scare me?

Goody Addams: It should.

Wednesday Addams: I was told you could teach me how to control my ability.

Goody Addams: There is no controlling a raging river. You must learn to navigate it without drowning.

Enid Sinclair: Ew. What died?

Wednesday Addams: Smells like childhood.

Wednesday Addams: In case you're wondering, I don't hold séances very often. I can barely tolerate the living. Why would I want to commune with the dead?

(Enid's mother is trying to make her to go to a werewolf conversion camp...)

Enid Sinclair: I'm not going. Not this summer. Not ever. If I'm meant to wolf out, then I'm going to do it on my own timeline and not yours. I hope that one day, you'll finally accept me for who I am.

Enid's father: I'm proud of you, kiddo. You do you.

Donovan Galpin: So, your daughter and my son have become... close.

Gomez Addams: I pity any boy who gets caught in her viper's gaze, but he must be a good egg. She wouldn't tolerate anything less.

Gomez Addams (to Sheriff Galpin): I don't hold grudges, only blood debts.

Morticia Addams: Our psychic ability resides on the spectrum of who we are. Given my disposition, my visions tend to be positive. That makes me a Dove.

Wednesday Addams: And for someone like me? Who sees the world through a darker lens?

Morticia Addams: You're a Raven. Your visions are more potent, more powerful. But without the proper training, they can lead to madness.

Noble Walker: I resent your implication.

Morticia Addams: What I resent is that you could have prevented Garrett's death if you had done your job when I lodged my complaint about him stalking me. But no. Men like you have no idea what it feels like not to be believed.

(Wednesday is digging up a grave, Morticia is watching her...)

Morticia Addams: This reminds me of when you got your first grave-digging kit. You were so happy, you nearly smiled.

Wednesday Addams: Are you sure you don't want to join?

Morticia Addams: Uh... mm... No, that's okay, darling. I don't want to spoil your fun.

Wednesday Addams: I'll never live up to your legacy here, so why try? I win the Poe Cup, you claimed it four times. I join the fencing team, you captained it. Why would you send me somewhere I could only ever exist in your shadow?

Morticia Addams: It's not a competition, Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams: Everything is a competition, Mother.

Wednesday Addams: How many fathers hand their daughter a fencing blade when she's five?

Gomez Addams: Your saber strokes were an essay in perfection.

Wednesday Addams: Or teach her how to swim with sharks?

Gomez Addams: They found you as cold-blooded as I do.

Wednesday Addams: The right way to flay a rattlesnake?

Gomez Addams: They really do taste like chicken when prepared properly.

Wednesday Addams: The point is, you taught me how to be strong and independent. How to navigate myself in a world full of treachery and prejudice. You are the reason I understand how imperative it is that I never lose sight of myself. So as far as fatherhood goes, I would say you've been more than adequate.

Gomez Addams: Gracias, Wednesday.

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