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Wednesday Addams: You're making a mistake.

Tyler Galpin: Probably.

Wednesday Addams: Definitely.

(Tyler almost kisses Wednesday, but they get interrupted...)

Tyler Galpin: You can keep trying to push me away. It's not going to work.

Wednesday Addams: I almost killed you.

Tyler Galpin: I survived.

Wednesday Addams: Beginner's luck.

Wednesday Addams (to Tyler): I'm not friend material, let alone more-than-friend material. I will ignore you, stomp on your heart, and always put my needs and interests first.

Tyler Galpin: How do you feel about scary movies? Prepare to be horrified. (plays the movie Legally Blonde)

(After the movie ends...)

Wednesday Addams: That was torture. Thank you.

Tyler Galpin (about Uncle Fester): Your family's very... colorful.

Wednesday Addams: Ironic considering Fester's the black sheep.

Uncle Fester: How'd you swing your own single?

Wednesday Addams: My former roommate couldn't handle my toxic personality.

Wednesday Addams: Lay low. If you are discovered, I will disown you and collect the reward money tied to your capture.

Uncle Fester: I'd expect nothing less.

Wednesday Addams: You've seen one before? (asking about a Hyde monster)

Uncle Fester: Oh yeah. In '83, during my vacay at the Zurich Institute for the Criminally Insane. Where I got my first lobotomy. But you know lobotomies. They're like tattoos. Can't just get one.

Wednesday Addams: I'll never apologize for trying to uncover a truth.

Wednesday Addams: All right, you go left, I go right.

Enid Sinclair: You seriously want to split up? In here? That is literally how every best friend dies in a horror movie.

Enid Sinclair: Who doesn't have a spooky built-in altar in their family library?

Wednesday Addams: Ours is in the living room. More seating for year-long Dia de los Muertos.

Marilyn Thornhill: I think we're a lot alike.

Wednesday Addams: We aren't. I don't need your help or your pity. I already have a mother and a therapist. That's enough torture, even for me.

Wednesday Addams: "No man chooses evil because it is evil. He only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks." Mary Shelley wrote that line to describe people like Weems, who do bad things under the guise of protecting the greater good.

Donovan Galpin: Your father and I buried the hatchet. Maybe you should do the same.

Wednesday Addams: I don't bury hatchets. I sharpen them.

Wednesday Addams: My mother and I spent some quality time together. Got our hands dirty.

Valerie Kinbott: Gardening?

Wednesday Addams: Grave-digging.

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