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Maria Miller (to Ellie): There's a whole lot you're not telling me. Good. Therein lies the point. Be careful who you put your faith in. The only people who can betray us, are the ones we trust.

Tommy Miller (to Joel): Just because life stopped for you doesn't mean it has to stop for me.

Joel Miller: Those things I did, Tommy, those things that you judge me for, I did those things to keep us alive.

Tommy Miller: We did those things. And they weren't "things." We murdered people. And I don't judge you for it. We survived the only way we knew how. But there were other ways. We just weren't any good at 'em.

Tommy Miller (to Joel): Thanks for still givin' a sh*t about me.

Maria Miller: Everyone pitches in. We rotate patrols, food prep, repairs, hunting, harvesting.

Tommy Miller: Everything you see in our town, greenhouses, livestock, all shared. Collective ownership.

Joel Miller: So, communism.

Tommy Miller: Nah. Nah, it ain't like that.

Maria Miller: It is that. Literally. This is a commune. We're communists.

Joel Miller (to Maria): Ma'am, we're grateful for your hospitality and all. But it'd be nice to have a moment here, maybe just for family.

Tommy Miller: Well Maria is family, actually.

Ellie Williams: Oh, sh*t! Congrats. Joel, say congrats.

Joel Miller: Congrats.

(Ellie and Joel walk along the river until they reach the dam...)

Ellie Williams: Dam. (pronounces it like "damn")

Joel Miller: You're no Will Livingston.

Ellie Williams: Yeah, yeah, but who is?

Joel Miller: Get some sleep. Dream of... sheep ranches on the moon.

Ellie Williams: I will.

(Ellie asks Joel what would he do, if he could do anything in the future...)

Joel Miller: I would raise sheep.

Ellie Williams: Sheep...

Joel Miller: They're quiet do what they're told.

Ellie Williams: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So, just you and a buncha sheep. Romantic.

Ellie Williams: Holy sh*t, are you dying?

Joel Miller: I'm okay. Okay, okay.

Ellie Williams: Okay, are you okay?

Joel Miller: I'm fine.

Ellie Williams: No, no, but are you? Because just a reminder that if you're dead, I'm f**ked.

Florence: We never seen who's out there, but we see the bodies they leave behind. Some Infected, some not. If your brother's west of the river, he's gone.

Ellie Williams: You're not gonna scare us.

Florence (about Joel): Scared him.

Joel Miller: You got any advice on the best way west?

Marlon: Yeah. Go east.

Joel Miller: I need you to tell us where we are.

Marlon: If you got a map, why you lost?

Ellie Williams: Must've missed all the street signs in the enormous f**king forest.

Marlon: Ho-ly. (laughs)

Ellie Williams (about Marlon & Florence): Joel, come on. They're like a thousand.

Marlon: Who's this little psycho?

Sam: Are you ever scared?

Ellie Williams: Do I not look scared?

Sam: Never.

Ellie Williams: I'm scared all the time... of scorpions! I'm scared of ending up alone.