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Ellie Williams: There's not gonna be anything bad in here?

Joel Miller: Just you.

Ellie Williams: Oh, funny.

(Ibu Ratna, the professor of mycology, after seeing the first infected worker in Indonesia...)

Ibu Ratna: Are any other workers missing?

Officer Hidayat: Fourteen. Ibu Ratna, we brought you here to help us keep this from spreading. We need a vaccine or a medicine.

Ibu Ratna: I have spent my life studying these things. So please listen carefully. There is no medicine. There is no vaccine.

Officer Hidayat: So what do we do?

Ibu Ratna: Bomb. Start bombing. Bomb this city and everyone in it. Excuse me, if someone could please drive me home? I would like to be with my family.

Tess Servopoulos: Who is she?

Marlene: To you? She's cargo.

Joel Miller: We don't smuggle people. Sorry.

Ellie Williams: Why won't you let me go home?

Marlene: Because you have a greater purpose than any of us could've ever imagined.

Fireflies member: Hey, friend. Don't worry. I don't want anything. But if you're feelin' lost...

Joel Miller: You tell me to "look for the light" and I'll break your jaw.

Kim Tembo: Rebellion takes time.

Marlene: You fight for 20 years and you get nowhere, you're not a rebellion. Just spray paint.

(Sarah gets Joel's watch fixed for his birthday...)

Joel Miller: Where'd you get the money for this?

Sarah Miller: Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.

Joel Miller: It's better than what I do.

Sarah Miller: It was only $20, which I stole from you. I could've stolen 60, but I put the change back because I'm an honest thief.

Joel Miller: Mm.

Sarah Miller: Besides, it's the thought that counts.

Tommy Miller: Ay! You're still alive, you old f**ker.

Sarah Miller: Aw, he loves you.

Joel Miller: He's dependent on me. Not the same.

Sarah Miller: I think it's the same.

Tommy Miller: It's definitely the same.

(Sarah made eggs for breakfast...)

Joel Miller: Shell.

Sarah Miller: Calcium.

Joel Miller: Lovely.

(Few minutes later...)

Joel Miller: Finish up quick, we'll drop you off.

Sarah Miller: I'm still eating my eggshells.

Sarah Miller: How old are you again?

Joel Miller: Thirty-six.

Sarah Miller: Gonna have to wear diapers soon.

Joel Miller: Who says I don't already?

Dr. Neuman: One gene mutates and an ascomycete, uh, candida, ergot, cordyceps, aspergillus, any one of them could become capable of burrowing into our brains and taking control not of millions of us, but billions of us. Billions of puppets with poisoned minds permanently fixed on one unifying goal: to spread the infection to every last human alive by any means necessary. And there are no treatments for this. No preventatives, no cures. They don't exist. It's not even possible to make them.

Interviewer: So if that happens?

Dr. Neuman: We lose.

Dr. Schoenheiss: Fungal infection of this kind is real, but not in humans.

Dr. Neuman: True, fungi cannot survive if its host's internal temperature is over 94 degrees. And currently, there are no reasons for fungi to evolve to be able to withstand higher temperatures. But what if that were to change? What if... for instance, the world were to get slightly warmer? Well, now there is reason to evolve.

Dr. Neuman: Fungi seem harmless enough. Many species know otherwise. Because there are some fungi who seek not to kill... but to control.

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