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Alex (to Henry): My father was 12 when my abuela brought him and his sister over from Mexico. You may not understand this, but in America, if you're an immigrant with a "Z" in your last name, there's not a lot of people in positions of power that look like you or sound like you. I've been given a chance to be someone in the world that my father didn't see when he was growing up.

Henry: Is there any part of you that... wishes you weren't the son of the president? Or that your family wasn't in politics?

Alex: I actually wish I could help more. It's gonna be a tough campaign.

Henry: You really do love it, don't you?

Alex: Yeah, I really do. To devote your life to helping others? To know that what you do has a meaningful impact on people's lives? I know it's my life's work.

Alex: I can't believe how wrong I was about you.

Henry: Most people are.

Alex: There's something I've been dying to ask you.

Henry: Which other famous boys have I shagged?

Alex: There's two things I've been dying to ask you.

Henry: All right, let's start with the first.

Alex: Do you have a last name?

Henry: Actually, I have several. The official family name is Hanover-Stuart. My father's surname was Fox. So my full name is Henry George Edward James Hanover-Stuart Fox.

Alex (whistles): And I thought Alexander Gabriel Claremont-Diaz was a mouthful.

Henry: He is.

Henry: We just have to keep it very casual, of course.

Alex: Oh. Obviously. The press and all.

Henry: I just can't afford for you to fall in love with me.

Alex: Oh.

Henry: Okay, wait a minute. No, that's not what I meant when I...

Alex: Get over yourself, Your Majesty.

Henry: It's "Your Royal Highness." I don't know how many times I have to tell you that.

Alex: Just to... put it out there...

Henry: Yes?

Alex: I guess you could say I'm... bisexual. Yeah.

Henry: Noted. Ah. Just to put it out there, I am... as gay as a maypole. (Alex starts laughing) What?

Alex: I have no idea what a maypole is.

Henry: Maypole. Right.

Alex: Are they known for their homosexual tendencies?

Henry: Oh, oh, God, yes. Notorious. Notorious for it.

Alex: I really thought you hated me.

Henry: I hated how good you looked.

Alex: Here's what we're gonna do.

Henry: Yes, tell me.

Alex: You're gonna stay at least 500 feet away from me for the rest of the night.

Henry: Sensible plan.

Alex: I'm not done.

Henry: Of course you're not.

Alex: Then at midnight, you're gonna come to my room on the second floor of the residence where I'm going to do some very bad things to you.

Ellen (to Prime Minister): Hopefully we'll get through tonight without any more scandals from these two.

Alex: The night is young, Ma.

Prime Minister: It's good to see you and His Royal Highness on better terms and not on the floor.

Alex: Yes, Prime Minister. Henry and I are much happier against walls.

Alex: So are you still...?

Henry: Like Stonehenge.

Alex: Your Royal Hardness. Or Big Ben.

Henry: Nelson's Column.

Alex: I need your help.

Amy: Where's the threat? Do we need to clear the room?

Alex: What? No. I just need to talk to Henry. In private.

Amy: Best I can do is the Red Room. You take him any further and his security team will taser you.

Nora: Anyway, okay, uh, tell me more about this kiss. Did you like it?

Alex: He grabbed my hair in a way that made me understand the difference between rugby and football.

Nora: I'm gonna take that as a yes.

Henry: Do you ever wonder who you'd be if you were... an anonymous person in the world?

Alex: I was an anonymous, working-class kid for most of my life. And then my mom became president. Who would you be?

Henry: I'd be a writer. Live in Paris. I'd certainly date more.

Alex: Yeah, 'cause it's so hard for a prince to get a date.

Henry: People I date don't interest me, and the people who interest me, I can't date.

Alex: Oh, my God, Henry, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Henry: Christ, you're as thick as it gets.

(Henry kisses Alex passionately)

Alex: You're expected at my New Year's party.

Henry: No, I hate New Year's.

Alex: Wow. Most people would kill to get an invite to my party.

Henry: That's perfect. Then kill me and I won't have to go.

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