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Amy: Threat neutralized. Some kid brought fireworks for his friend.

Alex: When you say "neutralized"...?

Amy: It's good he's already in the hospital.

Henry: I'm sorry I was a prick to you. I... It's no excuse, but I was a prick to everyone in those days. My father had died a few months before, and the palace insisted on parading me around. For the record... I-I didn't say, "Get me out of here." I said, "I need to get out of here," which is a different thing entirely.

Alex: Oh. Well, now I feel like I need to apologize.

Henry: Why do you dislike me?

Alex: Climate Conference in Melbourne. First night party. I went to introduce myself to you, and you looked at me like I had head lice. Then you turned to your equerry and said, "Get me out of here."

Henry: I didn't realize you'd heard that.

Alex: So you do admit that's a douchey thing to say.

Henry: I could have been nicer. All right, what else? It couldn't have just been the conference. Oh, my God, it is. It is, isn't it?

Alex: Don't minimize it.

Henry: Uh, uh, how could I possibly? It's already as minimal as it gets.

(Henry and Alex are squeezed in a small utility room...)

Henry: Santal 33.

Alex: Yeah?

Henry: Makes sense.

Alex: What do you mean by that?

Henry: It means you got good taste, Alex.

Alex: Thanks.

Henry: Alex has very strong opinions, and-and he shares them loudly.

Alex: What three words would I use to describe Henry? White, blond and British.

Alex: My NDA is bigger than yours. I want you to know that.

Henry: You're wearing lifts. I know that, too, sweetheart.

Shaan: You must stand to the right of His Royal Highness.

Alex: Is that protocol or just his good side?

Henry: Both.

Alex: What exactly is an equerry? Do you, uh, handle the horses or...?

Shaan: I am His Royal Highness's personal attendant.

Alex: So you're the butler?

Shaan: I'm not the butler. I'm the equerry.

Alex: And back we go to my original question. What is an equerry?

Shaan: Me.

Zahra: There is no getting out of this.

Alex: Oh, yeah? What if I set myself on fire?

Zahra: We'd ship the ashes to Heathrow.

Zahra (to Alex): You are going there to work. No hookups, no partying. You can hate Prince Henry all you want, but the minute you see a camera, you better act like the sun shines out of his a$$ and you have a vitamin D deficiency.

Alex: Can I just point out that the royal family are purely figurehead? They serve no elective role whatsoever.

Zahra: Oh, unlike you, whose role is clearly spelled out in Article Nothing of the U.S. Constitution!

Zahra: This is a fact sheet on Prince Henry. Memorize it.

Alex: He's not six-foot-two. And does he get a fact sheet on me?

Zahra: Yes. And I can assure you that making it was one of the most depressing moments of my career. And I once saw Mitch McConnell eating a banana.

Alex: Henry shoved me.

Ellen: An urge I currently share with the prince.

Ellen: Darling, you've done some pretty stupid things in your day, but this...

Alex: Takes the cake?

Ellen: Oh, you hear that, Zahra? He's opening with a joke.

Zahra: Maybe he can host the Correspondents' Dinner next year.

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