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Henry: Oh, for Christ's sake, Alex! For once, I wish you could see me for who I am and not who you want me to be. Sometimes I don't think you know me at all. I'm not like you. I can't afford to be reckless. I wasn't raised by a loving, supportive family like you were. I have centuries of history bearing down on my shoulders. My life is the crown and yours is politics, and I will not trade one prison for another. I can love you and want you and... and still not want that life. I'm allowed. All right? And it doesn't make me a liar. It makes me a man with some infinitesimal shred of self-preservation, and you don't get to come in here and call me a coward for it.

Alex: I would never call you a coward. We can figure out a way to love each other on our own terms, no one else's.

Alex: Well, I'm sorry I can't turn my feelings off as easily as you.

Henry: D-Do you honestly think this is easy for me?

Alex: What else am I supposed to think? You won't talk to me. All I know is I'm the one here willing to fight for us.

Henry: Because it costs you nothing!

Alex: I've been losing my mind this week because the man I love has vanished from my life without an explanation. I flew across an ocean. I... I stormed a f**king castle to look you in the eye and tell you that I love you, knowing that you wouldn't say it back. So, no, Henry, in fact, this is costing me everything. And if this is over, I at least deserve to know why.

Alex (to Henry): I've never felt this way about anyone. It's like there's a rope attached to my chest and it keeps pulling me towards you. And it feels so right. What I mean to say is, Henry... I... Henry?

(Henry jumps into the water before Alex is able to finish his love confession and even runs off back to England)

Alex: I've been thinking.

Henry: I seriously doubt that.

Alex (mockingly): "I seriously doubt that."

Oscar (to Alex): You know, uh... your mom and I were a stupid idea, too. We were just babies when we had you. Nobody thought we'd make it. Look at us now. Sometimes you just got to jump, hope you're not standing on a cliff.

Alex (about Henry): So you like him?

Oscar: What's not to like?

Alex: I wasn't sure if you needed to have, like, a Catholic moment about it or...

Oscar: Please. Have a little more faith in your old man. You are, after all, talking to the patron saint of gender-neutral bathrooms in Austin, you little sh*t.

Henry: It's great to see you again, sir.

Oscar: What's with the "sir"? Please, call me "Congressman."

Henry: Oh, well, in that case, you can call me "Your Royal Highness."

(Alex and Nora bring Henry and Percy to the vacation home...)

Alex: Watch out! Here comes British Invasion!

Nora: Oh, we found them hitchhiking in Austin.

Ellen: Can I give you some advice?

Alex: Yeah, of course.

Ellen: You need to figure out if you feel forever about him before you take this any further. A relationship like this will define your life.

Alex: I don't know if we're there yet, Mom. I don't know if we ever will be.

Zahra: I'm going downstairs, and... you better be dressed and in the lobby in five minutes so we can get your mother reelected.

Alex: I'll be there.

Zahra: And as for you, Little Lord F**kleroy, you get your a$$ back to merry old England right now. I want you chewing on a godd*mn crumpet by sunset. And if anyone sees you leave this hotel, I will Brexit your head from your body. You got me?

Henry: Loud and clear.

Zahra: Your Royal Highness. (bows to Henry, as she's leaving, she continues to mumble...) Unbelievable. They don't pay me enough for this sh*t.

Zahra: Would it make any difference if I told you not to see him again?

Alex: No.

Zahra: Every time I see you, it takes another year off of my life.

Alex: Please don't tell my mom.

Zahra: Seriously? Alex, we are in a hotel crawling with reporters, in a city filled with cameras, on the precipice of the biggest event of the campaign, in a race so close it could be arrested for assault, and you're asking me not to tell your mommy on you?

Alex: Well, I haven't told her yet.

Zahra: Oh, gee, kid, I'm sorry to interrupt your process of becoming, but you're the one who decided to put your d*ck into the heir to the British throne.

Henry: Well, technically, I'm the spare.

Zahra: Not talking to you, sir.

Henry: Okay.

Zahra: How long has this been going on?

Alex: Since New Year's.

Zahra: Oh, God. And who knows about this?

Alex: Literally no one but you. And the Secret Service.

Henry: And Percy.

Alex: Right, and Nora.

Henry: Oh, and I told my sister.

Alex: Aw, I didn't know that.

Henry: Yeah, she was really happy for us.

Alex: Oh, I can't wait to see her again. She's really...

Zahra: Okay. Shut up, okay? The both of you. I need to think.

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