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Aladdin (2019) Quotes

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Aladdin: What are you gonna do now?

Genie: Um... Actually, there is this handmaiden... that I would love to travel the world with. If she'll have me.

Dalia: When do we leave? Also, I want children.

Genie: Yes. Two of them.

Princess Jasmine:

Try to lock me in this cage

I won't just lay me down and die

I will take these broken wings

And watch me burn across the sky

(Song: Speechless)

Princess Jasmine:

Let the storm in

I cannot be broken

No, I won't live unspoken

(Song: Speechless)

Princess Jasmine:

But I won't cry

And I won't start to crumble

Whenever they try

To shut me or cut me down

I won't be silenced

You can't keep me quiet

Won't tremble when you try it

All I know is I won't go speechless

(Song: Speechless)

Princess Jasmine:

Written in stone

Every rule, every word

Centuries old and unbending

"Stay in your place"

"Better seen and not heard"

But now that story is ending

(Song: Speechless)

Genie (to Aladdin): In 10,000 years, I have never once, ever... called a master a friend. I broke the rules for you, I saved your life. And for what? You are breaking my heart here, kid. You're breaking my heart.

Genie: You'd rather lie to somebody you love than give all of this up.

Aladdin: You don't get it, Genie. People like me don't get anything except by pretending.

Genie: I think maybe you don't get it. The more you gain by pretending, the less you're actually gonna have.

Princess Jasmine: How could I not recognize you?

Aladdin: People don't see the real you when you're royalty.

Genie: A stroll. Would you like to take an evening stroll?

Dalia: Just the two of us? On purpose?

Genie: Yes, as people.

Dalia: Just one more second.

Genie (to himself): Okay. Why would I say "as people"? That kid is contagious!

Aladdin: So, what would you wish for?

Genie: Mmm. No one's ever asked me that before. It's an easy one, though. I'd wish to be free.

Dalia (to Jasmine): Why are you being weird? (Jasmine gesticulates that she should pretend to be her) Oh, I'm the princess. Yes. Mmm-hmm. And it is good to be me... with all my palaces... and wagons of gold things... and dresses for every hour of the day. Now it is time for my cat to be cleaned.

Princess Jasmine (to Aladdin): She doesn't get out much.