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(Connor licks blue blood from "dead" android to analyze it)

Hank: Whoa! Hey! Hey! Hey! Argh, Connor, you're so disgusting... Think I'm gonna puke again.

(Connor and Hank are walking into Eden Club)

Hank (to Connor): Sexiest androids in town... Now I know why you insisted on coming here!

(Markus' speech in Jericho)

Markus: I came to Jericho because here androids are free... Free to live in the dark, hoping that no one finds us... Free to die in silence waiting for a change that's never gonna come... But I don't want that freedom. And I'm not gonna beg for the right to smile, or love, or stand tall... I don't know about you, but there's something inside me that knows that I am more than what they say. I am alive, and they're not gonna take that from me anymore... Our days of slavery are over. What humans don't wanna hear, we will tell them. What they don't wanna give, we take. We are people, we are alive, WE ARE FREE!

Hank: What the f*ck are you doing here?

Connor: A homicide was reported 43 minutes ago. I couldn't find you at Jimmy's bar, so I came to see if you were at home.

Hank: Jesus, I must be the only cop in the world that gets assaulted in his own house by his own f*ckin' android... Can't you just leave me alone?

Hank: Sumo! Attack! (Sumo barks but doesn't move) Good dog.

Luther (to Kara): I didn't want to hurt you... He programmed me to obey him... When I saw the little one risk her life to save you,  it was like opening my eyes for the first time... Finally, I could see... I know you have no reason to trust me after what I did... but I know someone who could help you across the border. I could take you there. I could protect you... You and the little one...

Kara: All right. I trust you.

Lucy (to Markus): You had it all and you lost it all... You've seen hell and now hell lives in you... Your heart is troubled... A part of shadow and a part of light... Which will prevail? Your choices will shape our destiny.

Hank: Real books... I thought I was the last guy in Detroit to keep some, electronic books you can't... smell the paper... see the pages turning yellow...

Hank: Hey Connor! You ran outta batteries or what?

Connor: I'm sorry, I was making a report to CyberLife.

(A moment later...)

Hank: Hey, were you really makin' a report back there in the elevator? Just by closing your eyes?

Connor: Correct.

Hank: Sh*t... Wish I could do that...

Connor (to Hank): I think working with an officer with personal issues is an added challenge, but adapting to human unpredictability is one of my features. (winks at Hank)

Connor: We believe that a mutation occurs in the software of some androids, which can lead to them emulating a human emotion.

Hank: In English, please.

Connor: They don't really feel emotions, they just get overwhelmed by irrational instructions, which can lead to unpredictable behavior.

Hank: Emotions always screw everything up... Maybe androids aren't as different from us as we thought.

Connor: Is there anything you'd like to know about me?

Hank: Hell, no... Well, yeah, um... Why did they make you look so goofy and give you that weird voice?

Connor: CyberLife androids are designed to work harmoniously with humans. Both my appearance and voice were specifically designed to facilitate my integration.

Hank: Well, they f*cked up.

Gary Kayes (about Connor): Don't leave that thing here!

Hank: Huh, not a chance! Follows me everywhere... See...

Hank (to Connor): You don't have to follow me around like a poodle!