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Sansa Stark Quotes

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Arya Stark: I was never going to be as good a lady as you. So I had to be something else. I never could have survived what you survived.

Sansa Stark: You would have. You're the strongest person I know.

Arya Stark: I believe that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Sansa Stark: Well, don't get used to it. You're still very strange and annoying.

Petyr Baelish: Sansa, I beg you!

Sansa Stark: Thank you for all your many lessons, Lord Baelish. I will never forget them.

Sansa Stark (to Baelish): Sometimes when I'm trying to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What's the worst reason you have for turning me against my sister? That's what you do, isn't it? That's what you've always done... turn family against family, turn sister against sister. That's what you did to our mother and Aunt Lysa, and that's what you tried to do to us.

Arya Stark: What would little Lyanna Mormont say? She's younger than you were when you wrote this. Are you going to say, "But I was just a child?"

Sansa Stark: You're angry. Sometimes anger makes people do unfortunate things.

Arya Stark: Sometimes fear makes them do unfortunate things. I'll go with anger.

Sansa Stark: How did you get back to Winterfell?

Arya Stark: It's a long story. I imagine yours is, too.

Sansa Stark: Yes. Not a very pleasant one.

Arya Stark: Mine neither. But our stories aren't over yet.

Sansa Stark: No, they're not.

Sansa Stark: You think it's really Tyrion? It could be someone trying to lure you into a trap.

Jon Snow: Read the last bit.

Sansa Stark: "All dwarves are bastards in their father's eyes." What does that mean?

Jon Snow: It's something he said to me the first night we met.

Petyr Baelish: Why aren't you happy? What do you want that you do not have?

Sansa Stark: At the moment, peace and quiet. No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I'll assume it was something clever.

Sansa Stark (about Cersei): If you're her enemy, she'll never stop until she's destroyed you. Everyone who's ever crossed her, she's found a way to murder.

Jon Snow: You almost sound as if you admire her.

Sansa Stark: I learned a great deal from her.

Sansa Stark: You have to be smarter than Father. You need to be smarter than Robb. I loved them, I miss them, but they made stupid mistakes, and they both lost their heads for it.

Jon Snow: And how should I be smarter? By listening to you?

Sansa Stark: Would that be so terrible?

Sansa Stark: They respect you, they really do, but you have to... Why are you laughing?

Jon Snow: What did father use to say? Everything before the word "but" is horse shit.

Sansa Stark: Jon. A raven came from the Citadel. A white raven. Winter is here.

Jon Snow: Well, Father always promised, didn't he?

Sansa Stark (to Jon): Only a fool would trust Littlefinger.