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Phoebe Buffay: Oh, look, twins. Hi, guys. Oh, cute, cute.

Monica Geller: No fair. I don't even have one. How come they get two?

Monica Geller: Let's get some coffee.

Chandler Bing: Okay, because we never do that.

Ross Geller: When we talked, she said she'd already passed the mucous plug.

Joey Tribbiani: Do we have to know about that?

Monica Geller: What'll you do when you have a baby?

Joey Tribbiani: I'm gonna be in the waiting room, handing out cigars.

Chandler Bing: Joey's made arrangements to have his baby in a movie from the '50s.

Ross Geller: Stop humping. Now, Marcel, come... Come here, Marcel.

Rachel Green: Oh, no. Not in my room. I'll get him.

Monica Geller: You've got to do something about the humping.

Ross Geller: What? It's just a phase.

Chandler Bing: Well, that's what we said about Joey.

Monica Geller: There's some creep out there with a telescope.

Ross Geller: I can't believe it. He's looking right at us.

Rachel Green: Oh, that is so sick.

Chandler Bing: I feel violated. And not in a good way.

Phoebe Buffay: How can people do that? You guys, look. Ugly Naked Guy got gravity boots.

Monica Geller: We've got salmon roulettes and crudites.

Joey Tribbiani: What are you doing? In poker, there's no food with more than one syllable. It's got to be like chips or dip or pretz...

Monica Geller: I hope you'll let it slide just this once. I was all out of "pretz."

Monica Geller: It's just this night has to go just perfect, you know? Wendy's more of a professional waitress.

Rachel Green: And I'm maintaining my amateur status so I can waitress in the Olympics.

Rachel Green: Monica, what are you gonna make?

Monica Geller: I don't know. I don't know. It's just gotta be so great.

Phoebe Buffay: I know what you can make! I know! You should make that thing with the stuff. You know that thing... with the stuff? Okay, I don't know.

Ross Geller: It's the most beautiful table I've ever seen.

Chandler Bing: I know.

Monica Geller: So how does this work? You're gonna balance plates on these little guys' heads?

Joey Tribbiani: Who cares? We'll eat at the sink.

Joey Tribbiani: Hey, Chandler. That table place closes at 7. Come on.

Chandler Bing: Fine.

(They start to walk towards the door...)

Monica Geller: Phoebe? What is it?

Phoebe Buffay: All right. You know Paolo?

Ross Geller: I'm familiar with his work. Yes.

Phoebe Buffay: He made a move on me.

Joey Tribbiani: The store will be open tomorrow. (they come and sit down again)

Monica Geller: I'm just excited about being an aunt.

Joey Tribbiani: Or an uncle.

Phoebe Buffay: Do you think they have yesterday's Daily News?

Monica Geller: Why?

Phoebe Buffay: I just wanna check my horoscope, see if it was right.

Ross Geller: That's Marcel. Wanna say hi?

Monica Geller: No no, I don't.

Rachel Green: Oh, he's precious! Where'd you get him?

Ross Geller: My friend Bethel rescued him from some lab.

Phoebe Buffay: That is so cruel. Why!? Why would a parent name their child Bethel?

Judy Geller: Your grandmother would've hated this.

Monica Geller: Sure. What with it being her funeral and all.

Judy Geller: No, I'd be hearing about... why didn't I get the honey-glazed ham. Or I didn't spend enough on flowers. Or she'd say: "Why waste your money? I don't need flowers, I'm dead."

Monica Geller: That sounds like Nana.

Judy Geller: Do you know what it's like to grow up with someone who is critical of every single thing you say?

Monica Geller: I can imagine.

Judy Geller: It's a wonder your mother turned out to be the positive, life-affirming person she is.

Monica Geller: That is a wonder. So tell me something, Mom. If you had to do it all over again... I mean, if she was here right now... would you tell her?

Judy Geller: Tell her what?

Monica Geller: How she drove you crazy, picking on every little detail. Like your hair, for example.

Judy Geller: I'm not sure I know what you're getting at.

Monica Geller: Would things have been better if you'd just told her the truth?

Judy Geller: No. I think some things are better left unsaid. It's nicer when people just get along.