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Matt Murdock: The Book of Job. The story of God's perfect servant, Job. He prayed every day at dawn, with his knees on the ground, his face in the dirt. Slaughtered ten goats, one for each of his children, and burned them at the altar in God's honor. Of all of God's soldiers, Job, he was the most loyal.

Sister Maggie: I know the story, Matthew.

Matt Murdock: Oh. Then you know what happens next. God murdered all ten of his children in cold blood. Scorched every inch of Job's land. Lashed at his body till his skin was covered in bloody welts. God rained sh*t and misery on the life of his most perfect servant. And still... Job would not curse him. You know what I realized? Job was a pu**y. You see, that was me, Sister. I suffered willingly. I gave my, uh... sweat and blood and skin without complaint. Because I too believed I was God's soldier. Well, not anymore. I am what I do in the dark now. I bleed only for myself.

Sister Maggie: Angry, sarcastic... and stubborn. Maybe you don't have any friends.

Matt Murdock: Someone once told me that warriors were meant to be alone. That caring for people would make me weak.

Sister Maggie: Sounds like he needed to get laid.

Matt Murdock: Ha! That actually explains a lot. I mean, he was right, of course. I let people in, I pay the price. I won't make that mistake again.

Sister Maggie: The things I've heard you can do... You are blind, right? You weren't just faking it the whole time?

Matt Murdock: Congratulations. You finally caught me.

Sister Maggie: It's not a fair question?

Matt Murdock: Yeah, the accident blinded me. It just also, uh, sharpened my other senses...

Sister Maggie: I guess I shouldn't be surprised by any of this. You were always pissed off. Of course, back then, you were just a boy who lost his eyesight. And now, you're the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Matt Murdock: You've heard of me.

Sister Maggie: I live in an orphanage, not under a rock. I just never imagined it'd be one of ours running around in that Halloween costume.

Danny Rand: You're blind.

Matt Murdock: Yeah, well, sight is overrated.

Danny Rand: Uh, are those pork?

Matt Murdock: No, they're shrimp.

Danny Rand: Oh.

Matt Murdock: Oh. This guy's got pork.

Danny Rand: Ah, great!

Jessica Jones (to Matt): God, you're weird.

Father Lantom: "The Lord sees not as man sees. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord... looks on the heart."

Matt Murdock: If you could elaborate, Father.

Father Lantom: Ignoring doesn't change anything, Matthew. God knows your heart. Let him in so he can help.

Matt Murdock: Even if that heart is damaged?

Father Lantom: Especially if it's damaged.

Matt Murdock: That money is really gonna help your parents. But for you, from here on out... it's only gonna get harder, Aaron. You realize you're only at mile one of the marathon... right? Everybody's gonna tell you how to feel. Doctors are gonna tell you to stay positive. Your family's gonna tell you not to feel sorry for yourself. Your therapist is gonna tell you not to be angry...

Aaron: I'm already angry.

Matt Murdock: At who?

Aaron: Everyone. I just want my life back.

Matt Murdock: They can't give you that. Maybe you'll walk again. I hope so. But maybe you won't. But your ability to get through it... as this gets harder... that is a hundred times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything's just fine.

Foggy Nelson: They're gonna shark attack me, Matt. Look at me, I'm delicious.

Matt Murdock: Well, take Karen.

Foggy Nelson: I mean, yeah, if she wants to.

Karen Page: Oh... sure. Never seen sharks feed up close before.

Matt Murdock: Try not to splash too much. It attracts 'em.

Foggy Nelson: You both are so funny.

Claire Temple: What does a hairline fracture sound like?

Matt Murdock: An old ship.

Claire Temple: Lawyer by day, vigilante by night. The hell does that work?

Matt Murdock: Yeah, I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Matt Murdock: You almost got killed... because of me.

Claire Temple: Tell me it was worth it. Tell me that you've got a plan... an end game.

Matt Murdock: Claire...

Claire Temple: Anything?

Matt Murdock: I'm just trying to make my city a better place, that's all.

Claire Temple: I think maybe it's a little more complicated than that now.

Matt Murdock: Nothing's changing out there. No matter what I do, I'm just... I'm making things worse.