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(Maarva Andor's speech from holographic recording played at her funeral...)

Maarva Andor: My name is Maarva Carassi Andor. I'm honored to stand before you. I'm honored to be a Daughter of Ferrix, and honored to be worthy of the stone. Strange, I... feel as if I can see it. I was six, I think, first time I touched a funerary stone. Heard our music, felt our history. Holding my sister's hand as we walked all the way from Fountain Square. Where you stand now, I've been more times than I can remember. I always wanted to be lifted. I was always eager, always waiting to be inspired. I remember every time it happened, every time the dead lifted me... With their truth. And now I'm dead. And I yearn to lift you. Not because I want to shine or even be remembered. It's because I want you to go on. I want Ferrix to continue. In my waning hours, that's what comforts me most. But I fear for you. We've been sleeping. We've had each other, and Ferrix, our work, our days. We had each other, and they left us alone. We kept the trade lanes open, and they left us alone. We took their money and ignored them, we kept their engines churning, and the moment they pulled away, we forgot them. Because we had each other. We had Ferrix. But we were sleeping. I've been sleeping. And I've been turning away from the truth I wanted not to face. There is a wound that won't heal at the center of the galaxy. There is a darkness reaching like rust into everything around us. We let it grow, and now it's here. It's here, and it's not visiting anymore. It wants to stay. The Empire is a disease that thrives in darkness, it is never more alive than when we sleep. It's easy for the dead to tell you to fight, and maybe it's true, maybe fighting is useless. Perhaps it's too late. But I'll tell you this... If I could do it again, I'd wake up early and be fighting these b*stards from the start. Fight the Empire!

Cassian Andor (about Maarva): The last time I saw her, we argued. I told her I was coming back. I never should have left that morning.

Brasso: Stop. She told me you'd say all this. "Tell him, none of this is his fault. It was already burning. He's just the first spark of the fire. Tell him, he knows everything he needs to know and feels everything he needs to feel. And when the day comes, and those two pull together, he will be an unstoppable force for good. Tell him... I love him more than anything he could ever do wrong."

Maarva Andor: Take all the money you've found and go and find some peace.

Cassian Andor: I won't have peace. I'll be worried about you all the time.

Maarva Andor: That's just love. Nothing you can do about that. I've never loved anything the way I love you, and I've never fretted on anything more, but this time... you can't stay, and I can't go. Tell me you understand.

Cassian Andor: I don't.

Maarva Andor: You will. You'll see.

Maarva Andor: Whatever it takes. I've been lying around waiting to die long enough.

Cassian Andor: You can't beat them, Maarva.

Maarva Andor: Not if I run away.

Maarva Andor (about the clanking outside): Gets to you, doesn't it? That's what a reckoning sounds like. You want it to stop, but it just keeps coming. It's when it stops, that's when you'll really want to start to fret.

Maarva Andor is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Maarva Andor in the TV series Andor.


Maarva Andor is a smuggler from planet Ferrix. Before the Clone Wars she and her husband Clem Andor saved a boy Kassa (Cassian Andor) and became his adoptive mother.


Dedra Meero is played by the actress Fiona Shaw.

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