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Luthen Rael (to Cassian): Wouldn't you rather give it all at once to something real than carve off useless pieces till there's nothing left?

Luthen Rael (to Cassian): You're right about one thing. The Empire had you fighting each other, which should make you hate them all the more, and you do. I said I know you. I know the outside. I know what people tell me when I ask. The rest, I imagine. I imagine your hate. I imagine that no matter what you tell me or tell yourself, you'll ultimately die fighting these b*stards.

Luthen Rael: I'm offering you everything you want, all at once.

Cassian Andor: What is "everything I want"? Since you know so much about me.

Luthen Rael: To put a real stick in the eye of the Empire and get paid for it.

Cassian Andor: I'll take the drop-off.

Luthen Rael: And do what? Continue as you are? They'll use the same rope to hang you whether it's for a plasma coil or 20 million credits.

Cassian Andor: What is that?

Luthen Rael: I put slap charges on the doors.

Cassian Andor: What? When?

Luthen Rael: Rule number two, build your exit on your way in.

Cassian Andor: Why would I go anywhere with you?

Luthen Rael: Don't you want to fight these b*stards for real?

Luthen Rael (to Cassian): I know you killed two Corpos at Morlana-One, and I know they're coming for you. Seems like such a waste to let them have you. Waste of talent.

Luthen Rael (to Cassian): Yes, I want the box, and I'll leave with that if it's all I can get. I came looking for something more, and I think I've found it. I'd like you to come with me.

Luthen Rael (to Cassian): These days will end, Cassian Andor. The way they laugh. The way they push through a crowd. The sound of that voice telling you to stop, to go, to move. Telling you to die. Rings in the ear, doesn't it? But they'll think about us soon enough. Soon enough, they'll have something else to listen to.

Cassian Andor: You just walk in like you belong.

Luthen Rael: Takes more than that, doesn't it?

Cassian Andor: What? To steal from the Empire? What do you need? A uniform, some dirty hands and an Imperial tool kit. They're so proud of themselves, they don't even care. They're so fat and satisfied, they can't imagine it.

Luthen Rael: Can't imagine what?

Cassian Andor: That someone like me would ever get inside their house, walk their floors, spit in their food, take their gear.

Luthen Rael: The arrogance is remarkable, isn't it? They don't even think about us.