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O.B.: When something is pruned, it's released from time, so the hope is that after you prune yourself, the Extractor will pull you into the present.

Loki: Of course. Yeah. Um... and then if it doesn't do that?

O.B.: Have you heard about how if you fall into a black hole you turn into spaghetti?

Loki: No.

O.B.: Good. The less you know about that, the better.

O.B.: But it could be dangerous.

Mobius: How dangerous?

O.B.: Oh, not too bad if you're quick about it.

Mobius: Gotta be quick about it.

O.B.: If you spend too long in it, that kinda temporal energy will peel the skin right off you.

Mobius: Wait, I thought you said "not too bad" and now you're talking about me getting my skin peeled off of me.

O.B.: Oh, not too bad compared to what Loki has to do.

Mobius: Why, what's Loki gotta do?

Loki: Violently rip myself from every thread of time and space? All at once?

O.B.: That means prune yourself.

O.B.: Remember, you got off on the wrong floor and I told you it was the wrong floor...

Mobius: Wait, that's right! Yes! Because then I stayed for a little bit. He took me over...

O.B.: No, you left immediately.

Mobius: Well, I'm back.

O.B.: Yes, you are. Believe it or not, he was my last visitor.

Loki: Wow. Reunited. Four hundred years.

Mobius: Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Hey, how are the other guys doin'?

O.B.: What other guys?

Loki: What other guys?

Mobius: It's just O.B.

Loki: It's just O.B.

Mobius: Yeah. O.B.

Mobius: Wait, that's who you said had my memory wiped?

Loki: Yes. He Who Remains.

Mobius: Is that what you're calling him, or that's his name?

Loki: That's how he was introduced.

Mobius: That's arrogant. It's like calling yourself "Last Man Standing."

Loki: Is it arrogant if you can back it up?

Mobius: Can he back it up?

Loki: Yeah.

Mobius: That's scary.

Loki: Imagine a million of them.

Mobius: I'd rather not.

Mobius: You just disappeared. I can't keep looking at it 'cause it's horrible.

Loki: What? I thought you said it didn't look that bad.

Mobius: I was lying. It's terrible, looks like you're being born or dying or both at the same time. It's freaking me out.

Loki: It's okay. It's okay.

Mobius: It looks really painful.

Loki: It's not that bad. I can handle it.

Mobius: Come on. How does it look?

(Mobius is asking another TVA worker, she just gulps nervously)

Loki: We should be dealing with the bigger problem here. He Who Remains.

Mobius: I understand and we'll get to that. In order to do that, I need a Loki Who Remains. We need to address the fact you keep disappearing.

Loki: I promise you from my heart this isn't about a throne.

Sylvie: What was I thinking trusting you? Has this whole thing been a con?

Loki: Really? That's what you think of me... after all this time? Sure. Why not? Evil Loki's master plan comes together. Well, you never trusted me, did you? What was the point? Can't you see? This is bigger than our experience.

Sylvie: Why aren't we seeing this the same way?

Loki: Because you can't trust... and I can't be trusted.

Loki: What will you do when this is all over?

Sylvie: I don't know.

Loki: I don't know either. Maybe... Maybe we could figure it out... together.

Sylvie: Maybe.

Loki: We're maybe good at surviving, but we're also good at escaping. That gives me a decent chance as any.

Loki (to Lokis): Will someone please explain to me what the hell is going on!? Look, it's been a very, very, very trying past few days. Months? I don't even know how long it's been since New York. All I know is, I got pruned and I woke up here, and now I'm surrounded by Variants of myself, plus an alligator, which I'm heartbroken to report I didn't find all that strange...

(Loki is in the "bad memory prison"...)

Loki: I'm a horrible person. I get it. I really am. I cut off your hair because I thought it'd be funny. And it's not. Uh... I crave attention... because I'm... I'm a... I'm a narcissist. And I suppose it's... It's because I'm scared of being alone.

Lady Sif: You are alone and you always will be.

(Sylvie is being taking away by three TVA soldiers, Loki is being held by two...)

Loki (to Mobius): I should have an equal amount of security. This is insulting!

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