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Johnny Lawrence: Sorry, speak up, Lip. Or is your tongue messed-up too? Are you one of those challenged kids?

Eli Moskowitz: Um, the doctor said I could be on the spectrum.

Johnny Lawrence: I don't know what that is, but get off it pronto. All right?

Johnny Lawrence (to Carmen about Miguel): Please don't close the door. Look, I know I wasn't there for him when it mattered. I let him down. I guess I let you down too. And I know there's no do-overs, but that kid... is the only person in the world who hasn't given up on me. And I don't want to give up on him. I know I messed up big-time, but if you let him come back... I won't fail him again. I promise.

(Johnny is looking at his list of students with only Miguel's name on it...)

Johnny Lawrence (to Miguel): Hey, you don't happen to have any friends who wanna learn karate, do you? Oh, what am I saying? You don't have any friends. Sorry.

(Johnny gets a phone call from Robby's school...)

Johnny Lawrence: All right, what did he do this time?

Vice Principal: We found him with Molly.

Johnny Lawrence: Who's Molly? Is that some chick he's hooking up with?

Vice Principal: It's an illegal drug, Mr. Lawrence.

Johnny Lawrence: Stop standing there. Get back to training.

Miguel Diaz: Okay, yeah, sorry. Okay.

Johnny Lawrence: And change that ringtone. Get some Guns N' Roses or something.

Miguel Diaz: What's Guns N' Roses?

Johnny Lawrence: I'm going to pretend you didn't say that.

Johnny Lawrence: Are you sure you're ready? 'Cause once you go down this path, there's no turning back.

Miguel Diaz: You're gonna be my karate teacher?

Johnny Lawrence: No. I'm gonna be your sensei. I'm gonna teach you the style of karate that was taught to me: a method of fighting your p*ssy generation desperately needs. I'm not just gonna teach you how to conquer your fears. I'm gonna teach you how to awaken the snake within you. And once you do that, you'll be the one who's feared. You'll build strength. You'll learn discipline. And when the time is right... You'll strike back.

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