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(Johnny sneeks up to hospital to visit Miguel...)

Johnny Lawrence (to Miguel): Hey, buddy. Sorry I haven't been here. Your mom hasn't wanted me around. Can't blame her. I thought I was helping you. You were learning so fast, getting so strong. But I failed you. I'm so sorry. I don't know if you can hear me, kid. But you got it in you to pull through. You just gotta keep fighting. Never give up. You can do this. I know you can.

Hawk (to Johnny): Miguel's in the hospital because of you. He showed mercy to Robby Keene because of you. If he dies, that's on you.

John Kreese: I did warn you about this. I told you not to show weakness.

Johnny Lawrence: Get out.

John Kreese: This is my dojo. Oh, I forgot to tell you, when you were out of town, I had a little talk with the landlord. It turns out he doesn't like you much. But you know the problem with those handshake deals, there are no guarantees.

Johnny Lawrence: You can't do this.

John Kreese: Of course I can. I founded Cobra Kai. It belongs to me. It always has, and it always will. I will never let my students lose. Even if they have to learn the hard way. One day you will thank me for this, Johnny.

Johnny Lawrence: This was a mistake. You want Cobra Kai... It's yours.

Johnny Lawrence: To be a great fighter, you gotta learn to adapt. This creed on the wall... Follow it to the letter, it'll make you strong. It'll make you formidable. It'll also make you an a**hole. 'Cause that's just black paint on a white wall. But life's not black and white. More often than not, it's gray. And it's in those gray areas where Johnny Lawrence's Cobra Kai sometimes shows mercy. Doesn't mean you can't be badass. It's still a requirement. But you have to learn to think, not just with your gut, or your fists, but to really use this.

Johnny Lawrence: What have you done to yourself?

Stingray: Oh, the... (shows off his new beard style) Yeah, you know what, I just decided to flip the script, Hawk-style. Respect. Heretofore, you can refer to me as Stingray.

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, all right, Chubs.

Daniel LaRusso (to Cobra Kai): Let me tell you something about your sensei. He might teach you how to fight, but he doesn't know a thing about what it takes to truly win at life. If you want to help yourselves before it's too late, the doors of Miyagi-Do? Wide open.

Johnny Lawrence: You come in here and poach my students?

Daniel LaRusso: And what are you gonna do about it? You know I'm not gonna strike first.

Johnny Lawrence: I'm gonna be a bigger man.

Daniel LaRusso: Yeah. We'll see about that.

(Johnny goes back to the pawn shop...)

Johnny Lawrence: Kids from my dojo told me to get an Apple. You sold me a lemon. The piece of sh*t won't even turn on.

Lyle: First of all, it's a Dell, and it's not broken. Have you tried pressing the power button?

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, of course. I'm not an idiot. (presses something on the side of the laptop)

(Lyle opens the laptop and pushes the power button...)

Lyle: Have you seriously never owned a computer before?

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah. I'm not a nerd.

(Back at home...)

Johnny Lawrence (to the laptop): All right. Let's see what you got. Move, stupid arrow. Bullsh*t. Where the hell is the Internet? (clicks everything and a lot of windows come up) Oh, sh*t.

(Johnny calls Lyle to help him...)

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, a**hole, I clicked all the buttons. I still can't find the Internet.

Lyle: Have you tried connecting to the Wi-Fi?

Johnny Lawrence: Obviously. What's "Wi-Fi"?

Lyle: Dude, this is a pawn shop, not the Geek Squad. Figure it out.

Miguel Diaz: What about "No mercy"? You taught us to win at all costs.

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah... Well, maybe I'm still learning a bit, too.

Miguel Diaz: I just don't understand. You had no problem with us attacking anyone else. Why take pity on Robby Keene?

Johnny Lawrence: Look, I wasn't taught the difference between mercy and honor, and I paid the price for it. If I'm extra hard on you, it's only because you have the potential to be better than I ever was.

Johnny Lawrence: Cobra Kai is about being badass. And the baddest badass is the one who beats his opponent when he's at his strongest. Not when his back is turned, not when he's injured. Is that understood?

Cobra Kai: Yes, Sensei.

Johnny Lawrence: That means no more cheating. No more fighting dirty. From here on out, those are p*ssy moves, and you don't wanna be p*ssies, do you?

Cobra Kai: No, Sensei.

Johnny Lawrence: Good. It's why I had you wear white belts, we're starting over.

Johnny Lawrence: Miguel's lucky.

Carmen Diaz: In more ways than one. You know, when we first moved here, Miggy was having a pretty tough time. I never imagined a few months later, there would be an arena full of people cheering him on. But, um... To be honest, there were some moments I wasn't sure I liked what I saw. He had this look on his face. But that's just his, um... What do they call it? His game face? Right?

Johnny Lawrence: Don't worry. Miguel's a good kid. I won't let him go astray.

Johnny Lawrence: There's one more lesson I have to teach you. You've all learned to strike first, to be aggressive, not be losers. I've taught you to strike hard, put every ounce of your power behind everything you do. But I haven't taught you the third rule of Cobra Kai... No mercy. The older you get, the more you're gonna learn that life isn't fair. You wake up one morning feeling great, and then life throws a spinning heel kick to your balls. Takes a big steaming sh*t in your mouth. You get an F on a test. You get suspended. You fall in love with a girl, and some other dude comes and steals her away. Your car gets set on fire. Just when you think things are going good, everything falls apart. That's how it goes. Life shows no mercy, so neither do we. We do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water. We do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. We do whatever it takes to win! Remember who you are. You're badass. You don't give a sh*t. You kick a$$. You're Cobra Kai.

(Johnny brings his step-father the money he borrowed...)

Sid Weinberg: What do you want me to do? Leave it here on the table till you come back next week?

Johnny Lawrence: I won't be back.

Sid Weinberg: Of course you'll be back! You need my money!

Johnny Lawrence: I never needed your money. It's just the only thing you had to give.

(Johnny's speech to get Cobra Kai allowed back in the competition)

Johnny Lawrence: Look, I admit Cobra Kai had its share of problems in the '80s. My sensei didn't always play by the rules. That's why I left. But my Cobra Kai is different. It's a place where kids can come and feel like they belong. Where they won't get picked on just because they're a bunch of losers. Er, because they're unique. I've watched firsthand as my students have gotten stronger. Gained confidence. Learned how to stand up for themselves. Cobra Kai is making a difference in these kids' lives. And honestly... They're making a difference in mine as well. Thank you.

Johnny Lawrence: Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?

Hawk: No, Sensei!

Johnny Lawrence: Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?

Aisha Robinson: No, Sensei.

Johnny Lawrence: Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?

Miguel Diaz: No, Sensei.

Johnny Lawrence: Class, are you ready to learn the way of the fist?

Cobra Kai: Yes, Sensei!

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