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Carl Gallagher: Who beat you up again?

Ian Gallagher: No one. It's ROTC, practicing hand-to-hand.

Carl Gallagher: Marines still fight with their fists?

Ian Gallagher: In certain situations, yes.

Carl Gallagher: Then what's the point of building nukes?

Fiona Gallagher: Gross national product.

Ian Gallagher: You're not trying to look at my d*ck, are you?

Jimmy/Steve: No, no, I'm not. I'm not even thinking about your d*ck... in my dad's mouth. I'm not.

Ian Gallagher: Good, then don't.

Jimmy/Steve: Yep. Not.

Carl Gallagher: Ian's d*ck was in your dad's mouth?

Jimmy/Steve: It's a figure of speech. It's like saying, "none of your business."

Ian Gallagher: You're visiting a Milkovich sister nobody's ever heard of in Milwaukee?

Lip Gallagher: Uh, correct.

Ian Gallagher: And you're gonna do what?

Lip Gallagher: We are going to evaluate her well-being and, if need be, rescue her.

Ian Gallagher: You mean kidnap?

Lip Gallagher: Provide transport to a safer haven.

Ian Gallagher: Kidnap.

Lip Gallagher: Rescue.

Ian Gallagher: Bad idea.

Lip Gallagher: Look, a kid's in trouble, we're gonna help.

Ian Gallagher: Crossing state lines to bring a minor back to the Milkovich house of horror seems more like abuse.

Monica Gallagher: Me and Bob used to come here. It's a great mix of gay, lesbian, bi and cool breeders.

Ian Gallagher: It's, uh, a little weird being "out" with you.

Monica Gallagher: No shame, baby. See? But don't even think about coming out at school. Somebody in that neighborhood will knife you, for sure.

Mandy Milkovich: You know, you didn't have to come with me.

Ian Gallagher: Bad neighborhood.

Mandy Milkovich: We live in a bad neighborhood.

Ian Gallagher: Yeah, but we're related to the bad people in our bad neighborhood.

(Lip leaves to see Karen...)

Mandy Milkovich: Karen Jackson? After that thing with your dad?

Lip Gallagher: I'm sneaking antibiotics into his toothpaste, just in case.

Ian Gallagher: Linda, I just got your message. What's up?

(Linda punches Ian)

Linda: That's for screwing my husband!

Kash: What are you gonna tell the kids?

Linda: I'm not.

Kash: What about my mom?

Linda: You b*stard! What about me?

Kash: Do you want me to go?

Linda: Wh... Where does that leave me? Starting over? I'm a white Muslim.

Ian Gallagher: I didn't do anything to Mandy.

Lip Gallagher: I know that, Ian, but her brothers think you did.

Ian Gallagher: I mean, she tried to rape me, and I pushed her off, and now she's mad.

Lip Gallagher: Well, you're probably the first guy in her life who hasn't tried to jump her.

Ian Gallagher: She started screaming and crying.

Lip Gallagher: Maybe you should throw it in her, you know? She'll call her brothers off.

Ian Gallagher: Yeah, yeah, and maybe, uh, you should throw it in Kash, right?

Lip Gallagher: Why, is he asking about me?

Ian Gallagher: Yeah, he's trying to go through all the Gallagher brothers.

Lip Gallagher: Cool.