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Joel Miller: About a week after Outbreak Day, soldiers... went through the countryside, evacuated the small towns. Told you you were goin' to a QZ, and you were... if there was room. If there wasn't...

Ellie Williams: These people weren't sick?

Joel Miller: No, probably not.

Ellie Williams: Why kill them? Why not just leave 'em be?

Joel Miller: Dead people can't be infected.

Joel Miller: There's stuff up there you shouldn't see.

Ellie Williams: Well, now I have to see.

Joel Miller: I don't want you to. Serious. Ellie!

Ellie Williams: Can it hurt me?

Joel Miller: No.

Ellie Williams: You're too honest, man. Should've said axe murderer.

Ellie Williams: How did it even start? If you have to get bit to be infected, then who bit the first person? Was it a monkey? I bet it was a monkey.

Joel Miller: It wasn't a monkey. I thought you went to school.

Ellie Williams: FEDRA school. They don't teach us how their sh*tty government failed to prevent a pandemic.

Joel Miller: No one knows for sure, but, best guess... Cordyceps mutated. And some of it got into the food supply. Probably a basic ingredient like flour or sugar. There were certain brands of food that were sold everywhere, all across the country, across the world. Bread, cereal... pancake mix. You eat enough of it, it'll get you infected. So the tainted food all hits the store shelves around the same time, Thursday. People bought it, ate some Thursday night or Friday morning. Day goes on... they started to get sick. Afternoon, evening, they got worse. Then they started bitin'. Friday night, September 26, 2003. And by Monday, everything was gone.

Ellie Williams: It makes more sense than monkeys. Thanks.

Ellie Williams: Is there anything bad in here?

Joel Miller: Just you.

Ellie Williams: Ah. Getting funnier.

Ellie Williams: How'd you get that scar on your head? What? Is it something lame? Like you fell down the stairs or something?

Joel Miller: I didn't fall down any stairs.

Ellie Williams: Okay, so what then?

Joel Miller: Someone shot at me and missed.

Ellie Williams: See, that's cool.

(After Ellie saw clickers for the first time and they've escaped...)

Ellie Williams: Over there? (asking if she should go across the makeshift bridge)

Joel Miller: Yeah, I know. It looks scary.

Ellie Williams: That was scary. This is wood.

Ellie Williams: Can I have a gun?

Joel Miller: Absolutely not.

Tess Servopoulos: No.

Ellie Williams: Okay, Jesus. Fine. I'll have to throw a f**kin' sandwich at them.

Ellie Williams: There's not gonna be anything bad in here?

Joel Miller: Just you.

Ellie Williams: Oh, funny.

Ellie Williams: I'm not family?

Joel Miller: No. You're cargo.

Ellie Williams: If you don't think there's hope for the world, why bother going on?

Joel Miller: You haven't seen the world, so you don't know. You keep going for family.

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The Last of Us Quotes

The Last of Us Quotes

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Ellie is a survivor in post-apocalyptic America. After it is discovered she’s immune to the infection that wrecked the world, she is to go across to America to meet someone, who can manufacture a vaccine. Tasked with her protection is a smuggler Joel Miller, who then travels the America with her and eventually forms a strong bond with her.


Ellie Williams is played by the actress Bella Ramsey.


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