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Ellie Williams: There's not gonna be anything bad in here?

Joel Miller: Just you.

Ellie Williams: Oh, funny.

Tess Servopoulos: Who is she?

Marlene: To you? She's cargo.

Joel Miller: We don't smuggle people. Sorry.

Fireflies member: Hey, friend. Don't worry. I don't want anything. But if you're feelin' lost...

Joel Miller: You tell me to "look for the light" and I'll break your jaw.

(Sarah gets Joel's watch fixed for his birthday...)

Joel Miller: Where'd you get the money for this?

Sarah Miller: Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.

Joel Miller: It's better than what I do.

Sarah Miller: It was only $20, which I stole from you. I could've stolen 60, but I put the change back because I'm an honest thief.

Joel Miller: Mm.

Sarah Miller: Besides, it's the thought that counts.

Tommy Miller: Ay! You're still alive, you old f**ker.

Sarah Miller: Aw, he loves you.

Joel Miller: He's dependent on me. Not the same.

Sarah Miller: I think it's the same.

Tommy Miller: It's definitely the same.

(Sarah made eggs for breakfast...)

Joel Miller: Shell.

Sarah Miller: Calcium.

Joel Miller: Lovely.

(Few minutes later...)

Joel Miller: Finish up quick, we'll drop you off.

Sarah Miller: I'm still eating my eggshells.

Sarah Miller: How old are you again?

Joel Miller: Thirty-six.

Sarah Miller: Gonna have to wear diapers soon.

Joel Miller: Who says I don't already?

Ellie Williams: I'm not family?

Joel Miller: No. You're cargo.

Ellie Williams: If you don't think there's hope for the world, why bother going on?

Joel Miller: You haven't seen the world, so you don't know. You keep going for family.

Character from The Last of Us

The Last of Us Quotes

The Last of Us Quotes

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Joel Miller Quotes - The Best Quotes by Joel Miller from The Last of Us


Joel is a survivor in post-apocalyptic America. After losing her daughter he became a smuggler. In one of his jobs, he’s task with protection of Ellie Williams. He eventually forms a strong bond with her.


Joel Miller is played by the actor Pedro Pascal.


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