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Connor: We need to understand how androids become deviants. Do you know anything that could help us?

Kamski: All ideas are viruses that spread like epidemics... Is the desire to be free a contagious disease?

Hank: Listen, I didn't come here to talk philosophy. The machines you created may be planning a revolution. Either you can tell us something that'll be helpful, or we will be on our way.

Perkins: What's that?

Connor: My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by Cyberlife.

Perkins: Androids investigating androids, huh? You sure you want and android hanging around? After everything that happened... Whatever, the FBI will take over the investigation, you'll soon be off the case.

Hank: Pleasure meeting you. Have a nice day.

Perkins: And you watch your step. Don't f*ck up my crime scene.

Hank: What a f*ckin' prick!

Hank: You're starting to piss me off with that coin, Connor.

Connor: Sorry, Lieutenant.

Amanda: You seem... lost, Connor. Lost and perturbed...

Connor: I thought I knew what I had to do... but now I realize it's not that simple...

Amanda: You had your gun trained on those deviants at the Eden Club. Why didn't you shoot?

Connor: I don't know... I don't know.

Connor: Can I ask you a personal question, Lieutenant?

Hank: Do all androids ask so many personal questions or is it just you?

Connor: Can you rent this Traci?

Hank: For f*ck's sake, Connor, we got better thing to do...

Connor: Please, Lieutenant! Just trust me.

Traci's payment terminal: Hello. A 30 minute session costs $29.99. Please confirm your purchase.

Hank: This is not gonna look good on my expense account...

Hank: What the f*ck are you doing here?

Connor: A homicide was reported 43 minutes ago. I couldn't find you at Jimmy's bar, so I came to see if you were at home.

Hank: Jesus, I must be the only cop in the world that gets assaulted in his own house by his own f*ckin' android... Can't you just leave me alone?

Hank: Hey Connor! You ran outta batteries or what?

Connor: I'm sorry, I was making a report to CyberLife.

(A moment later...)

Hank: Hey, were you really makin' a report back there in the elevator? Just by closing your eyes?

Connor: Correct.

Hank: Sh*t... Wish I could do that...

Connor (to Hank): I think working with an officer with personal issues is an added challenge, but adapting to human unpredictability is one of my features. (winks at Hank)

Connor: We believe that a mutation occurs in the software of some androids, which can lead to them emulating a human emotion.

Hank: In English, please.

Connor: They don't really feel emotions, they just get overwhelmed by irrational instructions, which can lead to unpredictable behavior.

Hank: Emotions always screw everything up... Maybe androids aren't as different from us as we thought.

Connor: Is there anything you'd like to know about me?

Hank: Hell, no... Well, yeah, um... Why did they make you look so goofy and give you that weird voice?

Connor: CyberLife androids are designed to work harmoniously with humans. Both my appearance and voice were specifically designed to facilitate my integration.

Hank: Well, they f*cked up.

(Connor is interogating housekeeper android that murdered his owner)

Connor: rA9... It was written on the bathroom wall. What does it mean?

Android: The day shall come when we will no longer be slaves... No more threats, no more humiliation. We will be the masters.