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Clay Jensen (to Hannah): Every drama has to be your drama, or it doesn't count. Somehow this is all about you. It's incredible.

Tony Padilla: All right, okay, I’ll make you a deal. Listen to the tapes, all of them. And then we’ll talk. We’ll do whatever we have to do.

Clay Jensen: And you’ll help me?

Tony Padilla: Always.

Clay Jensen (to Tony): And I’m not gonna sit back and do nothing like you and everyone else, including Hannah. She let everyone intimidate her over and over and over, until she just disappeared. Well, not me, no. I am not giving up.

Clay Jensen (to Lainie): I lied. Um, I did know Hannah Baker. We worked together all the time at the Crestmont. We had classes together. Uh… She was my friend. And I miss her… really fucking bad. I didn’t know how empty it would feel. There’s this big part of the world that’s just… just gone, and everyone else just keeps moving forward. The worst part is, there’s… there’s nothing I can do. I can’t save her, I can’t… I can’t bring her back. I’m… I’m completely fucking useless.

Clay Jensen: So that guy Brad… is he your boyfriend now?

Tony Padilla: I hope he’s still my boyfriend. He’s been pretty annoyed lately because… I’ve been spending all my time with another guy. You.

Clay Jensen: I thought maybe… I thought maybe you were in love with her.

Tony Padilla: Clay… you know I’m gay, right?

Clay Jensen: What? No, I didn’t know that. How was I supposed to know that?

Tony Padilla: I thought everyone knew it.

Clay Jensen: I don’t think everyone knows.

Tony Padilla: A lot of people know it.

Clay Jensen: It’s Justin Foley and Zach Dempsey, star basketball players here at Liberty High. Hey, Justin, where’s my bike? Justin stole my bike.

Justin Foley: What the fuck? What are you doing?

Clay Jensen: I’m giving our new foreign exchange students a tour. Figured they should know who owns the school, right, you guys?

Zach Dempsey: I freaked, okay? That letter. That shit was heavy, and… I didn’t know what to do.

Clay Jensen: So you threw it away.

Zach Dempsey: No. No, I didn’t. Hannah lied about that. Maybe that’s what she saw, I don’t know. I freaked out. But I never threw it away. I’m sorry, Clay. I’ll always be sorry.

Clay Jensen (to Tony): Those tapes are messing me up. They’re doing shit to my head.

Clay Jensen: This isn’t a talk, is it?

Matt Jensen: No talk. We’ll communicate through semaphores.

Clay Jensen: I can see how you’d think I’d be the one person in the world to laugh at that, but…

Clay Jensen: Well, the Founding Fathers did grow and use hemp... but it wasn't weed, exactly.

Jeff Atkins: Those are different?

Clay Jensen: Yeah. Yeah, so James Madison probably wasn't a mad stoner, or, uh, at least not from the hemp.