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Clay Jensen: I couldn't... I couldn't tell her. I couldn't hold her. I killed Hannah Baker. Like you said.

Tony Padilla: I said we all killed Hannah.

Clay Jensen: How am I supposed to live with that?

Tony Padilla: Any way you can.

Clay Jensen (about Skye): She doesn't know what was going on in Hannah's life.

Tony Padilla: You don't know what's going on in hers.

Clay Jensen: Would you... you know, shut up, Tony? I get so sick of your little sayings, and things you point out, acting all wise. You're like this unhelpful Yoda.

Tony Padilla: Is that a crack on my height?

Skye Miller (to Tony): He's got existential crisis written on his forehead.

Clay Jensen: I do not.

Skye Miller: There's some truth you don't want to face.

Clay Jensen: Why did you say that?

Skye Miller: I see the future.

Clay Jensen: I need to throw up. I don't have anything to throw up.

Tony Padilla: You need some food.

Clay Jensen: So I can throw it up?

Tony Padilla: So you can settle the fuck down.

Hannah Baker (about Jeff): So... you tutor him in academics, and he tutors you in...

Clay Jensen: Girls. Girl. Singular.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): I was so nervous that night, but you made it seem so...

Clay Jensen (to Tony): Easy? Is she kidding me? I was shitting myself.

Jeff Atkins: You've got a fat slider in your sweet spot. You've got to swing the bat through the strike zone and knock it out. See, I'm aware those are baseball terms.

Clay Jensen: If I'm interpreting correctly, given my batting average, I would wind up with a strikeout and not a home run. Very good use of an extended metaphor.

Jeff Atkins: Oh, fuck me, Jensen! Get the hell in there, man! Now, okay? Now or I'm gonna kick your ass.

Jessica Davis: The party hasn't started. No one's going to be here for another hour.

Clay Jensen: Oh. But I thought... I heard it started at seven?

Jessica Davis: Yeah. And, A, it's 6:55, and, B, seven really means nine.

Clay Jensen: How in the hell am I supposed to listen to this?

Tony Padilla: I think the asshole answer is you put the headphones on, the cassette tape in, and you press play.

Clay Jensen: That is the asshole answer, isn't it?

Tony Padilla: Yeah, but it's true.

Clay Jensen: Did I kill Hannah Baker?

Tony Padilla: No, she took her own life, Clay. That was her choice. But you, me, everyone on these tapes, we all let her down. We didn't let her know that she had another choice. Maybe we could have saved her, maybe not. I think it's impossible to know.

Clay Jensen: Answer the fucking question. Knowing what you know, believing what you believe, knowing me, knowing her, and what's on these tapes... did I kill Hannah Baker?

Tony Padilla: Yeah.

Clay Jensen: And this just gets worse, right?

Tony Padilla: You afraid?

Clay Jensen: Yeah. I'm gonna listen anyway.

Jeff's father: Then why are you apologizing?

Clay Jensen: I've been angry at Jeff since he died because he told me he was sober, and I thought he lied and did something stupid, and I hated him for leaving that way, and I was wrong. I was wrong.

Clay Jensen: Jeff and I... we were just friends at school, I guess. But he was older than me, and on the baseball team and everything, and I wasn't really anybody.

Jeff's mother: Well... you were to him.

Clay Jensen: Yeah. He was really nice to me.