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(Battle Droids get reactivated...)

Battle Droid 1: Huh? What's happening?

Battle Droid 2: I don't know. Did we win?

Anakin Skywalker: I have come to surrender.

Battle Droid: Surrender? That's a relief.

Battle Droid: Sir, we need to get our power recharged.

General Grievous: Not this again. How could your power cells be so depleted?

Battle Droid: You would not let us ride on one of those creatures with you, sir. If you would allow us to close down for a few... (Grievous slashes him in half)

General Grievous: Any more complaints?

Battle Droids: No. Nope. No. No. I don't think so.

General Grievous: That's what I thought. Now, let's find that pod.

Battle Droid: Yikes.

Cad Bane: The rest of you, stay here and defend the bridge.

Battle Droid: We're defending the bridge alone?

Another Battle Droid: Against the Jedi? I hate this job.

Battle Droid1: Look, Jedi.

Battle Droid2: Fire!

Battle Droid3: No, wait.

(Battle Droid1&2 fire, Anakin and Obi-wan deflect their shots back at them)

Battle Droid3: I knew that was a bad idea.

Battle Droid Commander: What a terrible shot.

Battle Droid: Ah well, it’s my programming.

Battle droid: I can’t see them.

Command Battle Droid: Where’d they go?

Battle droid: (leans and falls down the cliff) Oh, my God!

Command Battle Droid: Get back here, Sergeant.

Command Battle Droid: Concentrate fire on Sector 11374265!

Battle droid: 1137… What was that again?

Command Battle Droid: Just fire right there! (points down)

Character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Battle Droids in the prequel movies. They also appear in the TV series The Clone Wars.

Top 7 Most Iconic Quotes by Battle Droids from Star Wars

B1 Battle Droids Quotes from Star Wars


Above you’ll find the best quotes, dialogues and phrases by Battle Droids. The quotes there are sorted from the latest added.

Battle Droids mentioned on this page is all about the funny comments B1 Battle Droid say. These battle droids were used by the separatist army during the Clone Wars.

Battle Droids are voiced by the actor Matthew Russell Wood.


The pick of the top 7 famous one-liners ever said by Battle Droids:

  • “Get back here, Sergeant.” (to another battle droid that fell off a cliff, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 2008 movie)
  • “Ah well, it’s my programming.” (when another battle droid criticized his aim, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 1×01)
  • “Inspection? Negative, negative. We do not require an inspection. Everything is fine here. Thank you.” (pretending to be a clone, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 1×05)
  • “Those 631 ‘s are not the brightest lights on the ship.” (after another droid drops something, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 1×07)
  • “Yup, this is about the worst job in the droid army. Eh, eh, eh… what? And it just went into overtime. Huh? Oh, ohhh…” (cleaning a cell floor when Obi-Wan closes the door at him, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 1×20)
  • “Don’t shoot! I’m not the Commander. He’s the Commander!” (the droid gets shot down) Guess I’m the Commander now. (Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 2×02)
  • “Surrender? That’s a relief.” (to Anakin when he says he’s surrendering, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 7×09)


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