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Meemaw: There's something about him. I mean, he's smart as hell, and gentle and funny. Not always on purpose, but he's funny. I never met anybody like him.

George Cooper Sr.: Sounds like Sheldon.

Meemaw: Now, why would you go and put that thought in my mind?


George Cooper Sr.: Did you understand any of it? (Theoretical physics lecture)

Meemaw: Not a word. But he had on a tweed jacket with the elbow patches, so he must know what he's talking about.


Missy Cooper: Do you think we're stupid?

Georgie Cooper: Sheldon's in college right now, and we can't figure out your homework. What do you think?

Missy Cooper: Sometimes I tell myself I only look stupid because he's so smart.

Georgie Cooper: Give me the book. Don't just sit there, make me a sandwich.

Missy Cooper: There's a list of sentences, and you're supposed to say if each one's a complete sentence or not.

Georgie Cooper: The first one is, "Most people in the country". That doesn't sound like a sentence.

Missy Cooper: But ask me who drives pickup trucks.

Georgie Cooper: Who drives pickup trucks?

Missy Cooper: Most people in the country.

Georgie Cooper: Well, now it does sound like one.

Missy Cooper: I told you, it's confusing.

Missy Cooper: Can you help me?

Georgie Cooper: With what?

Missy Cooper: I don't understand my homework.

Georgie Cooper: You're asking me? I don't understand my own homework.

Missy Cooper: I know, but you're all I got.

Georgie Cooper: What kind of homework is it?

Missy Cooper: Grammar.

Georgie Cooper: I ain't great with grammar.

Missy Cooper: Well, grammar's just talking, and we both talk good.

Georgie Cooper: I guess. Gimme.


(The Cooper family is hidden because of the nearby tornado)

Mary Cooper: In the name of Jesus, I place a hedge of protection around this house and my family. I command this storm to skip over our home in Jesus' name. I wish peace to every single person in this room and declare that not one of us will get hurt in this storm, in Jesus' name!

Sheldon Cooper: Pray harder!

(After the tornado is gone...)

Sheldon Cooper (narration): The good news was most of our neighborhood was spared. The bad news: My mother thought she had something to do with it.


Sheldon Cooper: Hello, Randall. I would like to apply for a job.

Randall: You would?

Sheldon Cooper: Yes. I need to earn money so I can apply to Harvard.

Randall: I thought about going to Harvard, but then I realized The Shack is my passion.

Sheldon Cooper: So can I work here?

Customer: Excuse me. How much RAM does this computer have?

Randall: Um, I can check on that for you.

Sheldon Cooper: It comes with 640 kilobytes, but it's expandable up to 768. Well?

Randall: Do you even have a résumé?

Sheldon Cooper: No, but I have a report card that'll knock your socks off.

Customer: And what's the processor speed?

Sheldon Cooper: It has the Intel 8286, so ten megahertz.

Randall: Sorry, Sheldon. I think it's against company policy to hire little kids.

Sheldon Cooper: But people say I'm like an old man all the time.

Randall: Hey, I'm one of 'em, but the answer's still no.

Sheldon Cooper (narration): When people wonder why Radio Shack eventually went out of business, you can point to this moment.


Mary Cooper: It's interesting that an adult would need his mother to sign a consent form.

Missy Cooper: And here we go.

Sheldon Cooper: I don't need you to sign it, the school does.

Mary Cooper: So you're saying even the school doesn't think that you're mature enough to make all your own decisions.

Sheldon Cooper (narration): In that moment, I was so angry with her, I almost opened the jar.

Georgie Cooper: Hey, now that you're treating him like an adult, can I have his allowance?

George Cooper Sr.: That allowance is for chores, which you already don't do.

Georgie Cooper: Come on. We all know I'm your favorite.

Meemaw: You're not even his third favorite.


Sheldon Cooper: Did you ever have a bully when you were growing up?

Mary Cooper: Have you met your grandma?


Mary Cooper: Regarding this jiu-jitsu stuff, you should know that a man's not supposed to raise his hand to a woman.

Sheldon Cooper: Oh, I won't. I don't want to hurt myself again.


George Cooper Sr.: The little Sparks girl?

Mary Cooper: You're kidding. She seems so sweet.

Georgie Cooper: He says she slaps him around, takes his lunch money. She even put a tadpole down his shirt.

Meemaw: Poor kid, he tucks in those shirts.

(They go spy on her through the fence)

Mary Cooper: She looks harmless.

Meemaw: She's cute. So she probably gets away with stuff. I'm like that.


Mary Cooper: Sweetie, is someone bothering you?

Sheldon Cooper: Yes.

Mary Cooper: Who is it?

Sheldon Cooper: I'd rather not talk about it.

Mary Cooper: No, I want a name right now. (to Missy): Have you been hurting him?

Missy Cooper: Only with my words.