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August: I was... so angry with you. 'Cause you reported me to the police. And I get it. I deserve it. I... I really deserve it. It was my fault. I... I was the one who let you down first. I understand that now. And I don't want you to... destroy your life 'cause you... you are the only one I've ever been able to talk to. You're the only one who ever understood me. And I've missed you. I've missed you so freaking much that it hurts. And what we had together, it was good. You made me feel that I could be a better person...

Sara: August.

August: Please... Can't you at least come back to school? I don't... I don't want to be the reason that you don't come back.

(Sara's dad helping her practice driving...)

Micke: Well, this is going so great that I think you're ready for step two.

Sara: What are you doing? (turns on the radio)

Micke: This is the most important driving skill of them all. Singing and driving at the same time.

Linda: I was so confused about everything that's going on. And I want you to know that I do trust you. I've just been worried about what's going on at that school. About what it's doing to you and Sara. And... I feel like I can't protect you.

Simon: It doesn't matter anymore. I don't want to be there anyway. I don't want to be in Bjärstad. I don't want to be anywhere. Everybody hates me, and those who don't hate me just like me 'cause I'm together with Wille. Everything I do just goes wrong.

Linda: Oh no. I'm sorry, sweetie. I'm sorry. Sweetheart. It will be okay. Everything will be okay.

August (about Wille): Well, I guess he's decided that I am... evil. And... I don't know, it's like... It might be true.

School psychologist: What makes you say that, August?

August: I don't see the point in even trying to be nice when I know that I won't ever be forgiven anyway.

School psychologist: It can actually make you feel very, very good, being nice to others. And to yourself. And sometimes, it might be impossible to be forgiven. But we still have to find a way to move on. And if we start making different choices, more selfless acts, we can at least get to the point where we can forgive ourselves.

(Coach tells the students to form groups of three for the tents. Girls and boys separate...)

Vincent: If you are gay, you're allowed to sleep with each other, but not if you're straight?

Valter: What girl would you be dating?

Vincent: No, I... I just meant in... in theory. No, in theory.

Coach: I mean...

Madison: And what about the nonbinary ones?

Coach: I'll just randomize it, then.

Fredrika: It's better to speak up when you're still studying here and not after your graduation and start complaining then, right?

Felice: But, I mean, take this, for example. Housemistress always tells me to put my hair up when I forget. But never you. I just mean that it's not always easy to be the only... Black girl with curly hair in our class.

Simon (singing):

♪ Just let it slide

Forget their looks

And their words

Don't let them see you like this

I can be your revolution

Protect us from the others

Let's be a revolution

We who have each other

Yes, we can be a revolution

If there is no other way

No other way, no other way ♪

(August asked Simon about Sara...)

Wille: August, what the hell do you think you're doing?

August: I... I just wanted to check...

Wille: We had a deal. We stay away from each other. You're not to talk to him. Or her.

August: You can't decide who I'm allowed to talk to...

Wille: You're not gonna talk. You're not gonna look. You're not even gonna breathe anywhere near us. You think you have power 'cause you're my spare, but you don't.

August: And do you? Huh?

Wille: August, my family owns you. You have to obey me.

August: No, I don't obey you. I'm not working for you. You're not the King yet.

Farima: I think we should remain calm until we know what the outcome is. But yes, if it turns out to be true, we have to act. It wouldn't look good if we didn't.

Wille: Okay, so the plan is to not do anything until it looks bad not to do anything?

Nils: How are you?

Wille: Fine. You?

Nils: Uh, I'm fine. I... I just wanted to say that, um... I probably wouldn't have made the same choice you made. But I still think that it was kind of brave. Foolish. But brave.

Wille: Thanks.

Felice: You know, it's so strange 'cause I really... I'm so damn angry at her. But in some sick, ridiculous, twisted way, I still miss her. But I can't talk to the other girls about it either. Because they think that it's degrading to miss someone who's f**ked you over so damn hard.

Simon: Well, it is degrading. But yeah. I see what you mean.

Felice: But it's also like, how... how do you get over your best friend?

(Felice's friends are watching her being sad...)

Stella: It's not as if she's been dumped. That would have been different.

Madison: Yeah, but breaking up with a friend can be worse than getting dumped.

August's lawyer: In exchange for August's silence, not to mention the generous financial compensation to the parties, we'll need assurance from the Royal Court that August is given an official title as the next in line to the throne after the Crown Prince.

Wille: But it doesn't matter if you... you have a title or not. You'll never be a part of my family. Just look at me! If you think I'm letting you take over, then you can forget it!

August: You won't have to let me take over.

Wille: No?

August: No.

Wille: Why not?

August: With your track record, you'll manage to f**k everything up all on your own.

Linda: You can do what you want, but I'm not gonna teach my kids that some people are exempt from the law.

August's lawyer: Absolutely. I totally agree with you that it's important that we teach our kids that you simply just can't escape the law. But if that is the case, that goes for Simon and the Crown Prince as well. Well, if we reach a settlement, August is prepared not to report Simon for selling his dad's medication to students at Hillerska. Or the Crown Prince for the fact that he, uh, approached and threatened August with a rifle.

(Wille's speech to the school and media...)

Wille: Your Majesty... dear Mother... and dear Hillis. It is an honor to stand here today, not only as your Crown Prince... but also as your classmate. Hillerska isn't just the place where we are taught to be good citizens, to, in the future, be able to shoulder the responsibilities that has been imposed on us. It is also a home. Hillerska became a home for me, just like it was for my dear mother... and for my brother before me. The school motto is, "Feel your responsibility for the legacy. Be proud of your history. Pass on the traditions to the next generation." (Wille switches from the prepared speech to his own words): No. It is a problem... to just keep traditions without stopping to think about which ones are good and which are bad. Then nothing happens. If you must follow traditions, how are we supposed to evolve? We can't even sing a new version of our school song without causing mass panic. And we keep secrets from each other. We lie. We pretend to protect each other, 'cause we're afraid of what could happen if we didn't. We're afraid of the consequences. I am too. I'm scared as well. But that ends now. It was me in that video that leaked last term. The one with me and Simon. It was a, um... a moment I didn't want to share, with anyone else, so I lied about it. But it was me.

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