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Rick Grimes: Don't show them who you are.

Michonne Grimes: What I am?

Rick Grimes: Strong. A leader. You hide it.

Nat: Your phone, you know what it says? The Japanese? "Believe a little bit longer."

Michonne Grimes: You've been telling me to go home.

Nat: You should. But you can still believe he's out there.

Michonne Grimes: It's been right in front of me, hasn't it? All this time, it's been right in front of me. It's been so long. If he were alive he would've found his way.

Nat: You don't know. Not for sure. You can believe he's out there, that he's not gone. You can believe a little longer and still go home to your kids. You... You can know when to go. You can do both. I can do it with you. I will. It's not giving up.

(Nat, Bailey and Aiden save Michonne...)

Bailey: Would you look at that.

Michonne Grimes: What are you guys doing here?

Bailey: Well, we didn't want to be afraid and stupid anymore. Turns out, others felt the same way. Good thing we went looking for you, huh?

Aiden: Wait with us while the Wailings split. You see these fires? They're gonna burn on either side of the valley for a while.

Bailey: Natty said you'd need a beer. Dude's never wrong. It's annoying as hell.

Michonne Grimes: Yeah, I'm gonna need some.

Michonne Grimes: They leave people to die. Why do you stay with them?

Nat: I didn't like it before, either. It was the same thing then, right? People were left to die.

Michonne Grimes: Yeah, but it's not before anymore. I think you're all too smart not to find another way.

Nat: Ah. I guess we're surprisingly stupid, Michonne.

Bailey: Or afraid.

Nat (to Michonne): I like these two, and now I like you. I'm not too keen on losing 33% of the people I can stand on this planet, however recent the acquaintance.

Rick Grimes (narration): I don't see the dead anymore or the ones I lost or the sun, the sky, or the water. I don't see you anymore. I just see what's ahead. Metal rotors and gun oil and blood. What I have to do, what I can do to help save the world, even if you don't know I ever did that. I love you so much. I love you so, so much. I tried. Please just know I tried. I tried, but I failed.

Pearl Thorne: We all want to be somewhere else, with someone else, but we got stuck in the right place. We did. And you are gonna see that someday. I'm not sorry I stopped you. I'm not sorry I saved your life, even when you didn't want it to be saved.

Rick Grimes: You didn't save my life.

Pearl Thorne: Yes, I did. I wouldn't have missed, Grimes. At least there's one more good man in this world, hmm? One more good man to try and save the world... Whether he wants to or not.

Donald Okafor: You and Thorne will be project leads on the conversion team. This is you getting in. This is the start of your path to the higher echelons of power.

Rick Grimes: I don't want power.

Donald Okafor: That's the thing. You already have it.

Rick Grimes: This isn't my city. Those aren't my people.

Donald Okafor: Everyone are your people. Everyone alive.

Rick Grimes: This isn't everything! You don't get to choose for the world! You don't get to choose for me.

Donald Okafor: I don't. You did. You made the choice.

Rick Grimes: My wife is my choice. My daughter, my life is my choice. You think I went what I went through, did what I did to let anyone choose anything for me?

Rick Grimes (to Esteban): I can't just... I have to keep trying. I won't stop. I'm getting there. I'm getting home. Or I'm dying. That's it.

Pearl Thorne (to Rick): Come on. Let's go have a drink before we kill each other.

Pearl Thorne: This is all I have left. The rest? The life before? It's all gone. This is all you have left, too. The person you are trying to get back to...

Rick Grimes: Hey, she's not gone. They're not gone.

Pearl Thorne: She isn't. They aren't. We are.

Pearl Thorne (to Rick): Look here. You're obviously looking at this different than I am. I hear you throw this "we" sh*t around again, I'll end you.

Rick Grimes: If I'm an "A," if I think for myself, why do you even think I'm gonna go along with all of this?

Donald Okafor (to Rick and Thorne): Because I believe if either one of you had a chance to save the world, you would. You'd have to.

Donald Okafor (to Rick and Thorne): Being the monster to fight the monsters that can't last.

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