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Jaskier: It's my job to put myself in other people's shoes. Even if they are, in your case, large, clunky, and, I don't know, probably full of snakes or something. I'm scared too. I'm scared that one day, the muses will stop speaking to me. Because who are we... When we can no longer do the one thing we were put on this Continent to do?

Yennefer: We find a new purpose. A better one. Hopefully.

Jaskier: Hmm. Chaos could never be done with the likes of you, Yennefer of Vengerberg. Of that much, I am certain.

(The dock guard offends Jaskier by criticizing his lyrics...)

Jaskier: Am I gonna say it? Yeah, I'm gonna say it. You know, if you could write yourself a little song, you could sing yourself whatever you please, but you can't, can you? Because you are a dockside scapegrace, a qualling feculent, a beef-witted, hell-hated, addlepated goon... and a waste of your father's... In all of my... leave it to... And maybe, just maybe, you are grateful to be entertained.

Dock guard: You're an hero to my niece.

Jaskier: Well...

Dock guard: Practically worships you.

Jaskier: Naturally.

Dock guard: She'll be heartbroken to hear her favorite bard is a steaming pile of sh*t for brains.

Jaskier (singing):

Oh the Golden One with the golden rules

Two long-necked warriors with all the tools

Jaskier: I'm gonna do what I do best.

Cahir: And what's that?

Jaskier: Oh, I never really know. Yeah, that's why I'm so good at it.

Jaskier: I sing of universal matters, my dear, generous lady. Emotions which anybody could experience. That song could be about anyone.

Yennefer: Mmm.

Jaskier: Anyone.

Yennefer: Mm. Mm-hm.

Jaskier: Anyone. Anyone.

Yennefer: Mm...

Jaskier: Fine. Yes, when I wrote it, it did come from the heart. Perhaps a broken one.

Yennefer: I heard the song. Geralt must have left quite a sour taste in your mouth.

Jaskier: What? He... No one leaves any tastes in my mouth, thank you very much.

Jaskier: What fresh hell did you just crawl out of?

Yennefer: A sewer. What's your excuse?

Triss (to the Witchers): You say you're mutants. That's why you don't understand what people feel. But the truth is, you're choosing to be ignorant arseholes, aren't you?

Jaskier (singing):

All those lonely miles that you ride

Now you'll walk with no one by your side

Did you ever even care

With your swords and your stupid hair?

Now watch me laugh as I burn all the memories of you

Yennefer: The most important thing they teach you at Aretuza isn't magic! It's to make people in power believe anything you want them to. Do anything you want them to!

Yennefer: You're born helpless so you find strength. Then that's all they want you for, to use you. And you find love, but it isn't real. It's... it's a wish someone made once, before they even knew who you were. And you... you find power, and it turns to ash in your hands!

Geralt (to Ciri): The Trail will test you. Force you to move beyond the pain, the fear, the failure. Until you become one with the killer itself. Remember, hesitation will draw danger to you like fire. But trust the path you choose... And it will protect you. Even in darkness. As long as you listen. Always listen.

Stregobor (to Istredd): The only certainty on this Continent, my boy... Is that no one is ever what they seem.

Coën (to Lambert): What do you call a witcher with no brains?

Ciri: Lambert?

Coën: Okay, now she's funny.