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Marshall Winthrop: You worked so hard to distance yourself from me and... what is it you used to call it? Greed and...

Conrad Hawkins: Questionable ethics.

Marshall Winthrop: Look at the industry you work in.

Conrad Hawkins: I help sick people. And while I'm at it, I fight corruption and train doctors to do the same. I don't capitalize off of people's misfortune. That's the difference between us.

Randolph Bell: The legendary composer was unrefined, undisciplined until along came Joseph Haydn. And Haydn challenged Mozart, whom he knew to possess a brilliant mind. He pushed him to the brink of madness before pulling him back, masterfully guiding his young protégé to greatness. I do the same thing... in the name of saving lives. Why? Because it's my duty to train the next generation of elite surgeons. And on this day, the one in question, I pushed Dr. Okafor to exceed my expectations. And, sadly, on this day, she simply wasn't ready. Complications are something we all try strenuously to foresee, but on those rare days when Murphy's Law brings its full weight to bear, tragedies do occur. This series of events simply could not have been predicted.

Devon Pravesh: A lot of this review is nonsense. I'm having it removed.

Conrad Hawkins: It's a stupid review. If you're looking for approval, you chose the wrong path in life. Do your job, you do it well, and that's it.

(Mina is building house of cards with surgical robot hands)

Conrad Hawkins: What is this thing? Some sort of lifesaving playing-card-ectomy? (blows down the cards)

(Mina aims the robot arm with scalpel at Conrad)

Mina Okafor: You should go now.

Conrad Hawkins: So, Irving is a licensed minister?

Devon Pravesh: And willing to write a wedding ceremony filled with airplane puns.

Conrad Hawkins: Less surprising.

Irving Feldman: Nurse Hundley. You're back! You're back! Oh... (Kneel in front of her and hugs her)

Ellen Hundley: As much as I love to see a man on his knees, get up, Dr. Feldman. (looks around) This place is a mess.

Irving Feldman (to Mina): Not to point out the obvious here, but you... are a badass.

Mina Okafor: What I feel doesn't matter. What I feel doesn't help. I deal in facts.

Lane Hunter (to Conrad): You know, we do the best we can, as often as we can. But we can't save everyone.

Nicolette Nevin (to Conrad): You don't have the right to play God, Conrad.