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Mina Okafor (to Bell): You blackmailed me. You wouldn't help me get my visa unless I did the robotic surgery you were supposed to do. Then... you took all the credit. I'm never saving your ass again.

Randolph Bell (to Conrad): The whole world is about the bottom line.

Mina Okafor (about Bell): I heard a nurse call him HODAD. What does it stand for?

Conrad Hawkins: Hands of Death and Destruction.

Nicolette Nevin: Let's say your car has a rattle. So you take it to a mechanic and this guy's kind, polite, eager to help. For two days, he runs every test in the book. And then he calls you and says it's gonna set you back a thousand bucks. So you max out your credit card and on your drive home, guess what. You hear the same rattle. Or you could take the same car with the same rattle to another mechanic. And this guy is rude, uh, dismissive, arrogant, but he tightens a bolt, fixes the rattle, charges you five bucks. Problem solved.

Devon Pravesh: This is nothing like that.

Nicolette Nevin: No, because your car can't end up dead. Watch and learn. Conrad's the guy who tightens the bolt.

Conrad Hawkins (to Devon): Top of your class, followed all the rules, and you think that puts you at an advantage. It doesn't. It just means you have more to unlearn than the guys who weren't paying attention.