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Tech: All clones were created from a host named Jango Fett. While our genetic structure was modified for growth acceleration and obedience, Omega is a pure genetic replication.

Hunter: How many clones like that exist?

Tech: To my knowledge there's only one other. A male clone code-named Alpha, later referred to as Boba. Since he disappeared at the start of the war, that makes Omega the sole living source of Fett's raw genetic material.

Cad Bane (to Omega): Sorry, little lady.

Omega: Whoa, I've never been inside an ion engine before.

Wrecker: It'd be weirder if you had.

Tech: These chambers are quite the engineering marvel. This blast primer coating is capable of withstand...

Wrecker: No one cares! (pushes Tech) Keep movin'.

Omega: Tech...? What was the war like?

Tech: It was a primary mission objective comprised of battles on various fronts.

Omega: But... what was it like?

Tech: Hmm? I just told you.

Hunter: Stay out of trouble.

Captain Rex: Funny. I was gonna say the same to you. Well... Take care, trooper.

Hunter: Captain. If you're ever in a bind, you know how to reach us.

Omega: I thought you didn't like the regs.

Wrecker: This one we like.

Hunter: Omega, this is Rex.

Captain Rex: I've met many clones in my time, but never one like you.

Omega: You're a generation one.

Captain Rex: Now how'd you know that?

Omega: From the lines on your face.

Captain Rex: Yeah, I guess I've been around.

Cid (to Bad Batch): I suggest you figure something out before you see my ugly side.

Tech: That's not her ugly side?

Cid: What was that, goggles?

Hunter: Here.

Rafa Martez: What's this?

Hunter: Tech copied the tactical droid's intel to this data rod before it got destroyed.

Rafa Martez: Why are you giving it to us?

Hunter: You'll use it for the right reasons.

Rafa Martez: Huh. Maybe you are different.

Hunter: To be honest, things were clearer when we were just soldiers.

Rafa Martez: Take it from me. In the end, we all choose sides.

(Battle Droids get reactivated...)

Battle Droid 1: Huh? What's happening?

Battle Droid 2: I don't know. Did we win?

Hunter: We haven't decided if we're gonna work for you or not.

Cid: Allow me to decide for you. You're in! I'm talking a mutually beneficial arrangement. You make money, I make money, and I watch your back. With the heat on you, it's the best option you've got.

Hunter: I guess we're in.

Cid: I know you're in. I just told you you're in.

Cid: I never had clone deserters come to me before.

Tech: Yes, well, we separated due to a fundamental difference in ideology.

Cid: That's cute, you thinking I care.

Omega (about Crosshair): You shouldn't be angry at him. He can't help it.

Hunter: I'm angry at myself. We don't leave our own behind.

Omega: Then we'll find a way to get him back... somehow.