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Crosshair (to Hunter): Don't pretend like this is all about me. I tried to warn you, Hunter. I risked everything to send you that message. You ignored it. You let Omega be taken to Tantiss. She went through what she did because you failed. You're angry because she escaped with my help, not yours.

(Hunter doesn't want Omega to go out on a mission with them...)

Crosshair (about Hunter): Don't hold it against him. He's only worried about you.

Omega: I know. You think I should stay behind too?

Crosshair: You're capable, but you are still a kid.

Omega: I'm older than you are, little brother.

Wrecker: Now, there's a sight!

Omega: Wrecker!

Wrecker: Ha! I wasn't even sure your message was real. (They hug each other)

Omega: Wrecker. I knew you'd show up.

Wrecker: We crossed the galaxy four times looking for you.

Hunter: Five. But you're the one who found us. (Omega runs to hug Hunter) We missed you, kid. We never stopped searching.

Crosshair: Fine. We'll do this your way. But my skills are being wasted.

Omega: Noted.

Emperor Palpatine (to Hemlock): It is imperative that this facility remain hidden and secure. There are many, even within our own ranks, who would consider much of your work an abomination. But they lack the vision that we possess.

Deke (about Omega): How long has she been gone?

Hunter: Too long. But we're not giving up.

Deke: I wish the other clones felt that way about us. You may be defective CTs, but at least you're loyal.

(Hunter and Wrecker run into young clones...)

Deke: You don't look like clones.

Stak: They must be 99s. Defectives.

Wrecker: Defective and effective.

Dr. Hemlock: Your domestication of LH-201 only made her vulnerable.

Omega: You don't know she won't survive. She deserves a chance.

Dr. Hemlock: Oh, the flawed logic of an idealistic child. Emotion and sentiment have no place within these walls. You would do well to remember that.

Crosshair: I'm not them.

Omega: I'm not giving up, Crosshair. I won't let you either.

Crosshair: Omega. Don't risk anything for me. I belong in here.

Omega: None of us belong in here.

Crosshair: What is your primary objective?

Omega: Escape.

Crosshair: Then stop wasting time on lost causes. Forget the hound, forget me, and complete the mission.

Omega: Not without you.

Crosshair: If I get the chance to escape, I wouldn't think twice about leaving you behind.

Omega: Maybe I can convince Emerie to help. She's one of us.

Crosshair: Not every clone is your ally. You trust too easily.

Omega: Maybe you don't trust enough.

Omega: Why did Tech do that? He didn't let us save him.

Hunter: He knew we were out of time. Tech put the squad ahead of himself. He made a sacrifice, Omega, and we're not gonna waste it.

Omega: What does that mean?

Hunter: The galaxy has changed, and so have we. It's time to put being soldiers behind us for good.

Saw Gerrera: We are trying to fight an Empire.

Tech: Have you considered that by destroying this facility you are wiping out any chance to gather intel that could help your cause?

Saw Gerrera: Taking out several of their top commanders is a good start.

Tech: Well, that victory will be short-lived as their ranks will quickly be replenished.

Saw Gerrera: Maybe so. But sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

Tech: Execute a sharp swing back to port with zero thruster pull.

Omega: The Tech Turn? Really?

Tech: Now that is not what it is called, but I rather like it. I suggest you proceed before I come to my senses.

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