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Melissa McCall: A sting this bad means that he should have been dead 10 hours ago, and the scorpion that stung him would have been 10 feet tall.

Mason Hewitt: Considering the state of my dating life, I need a wingman, co-pilot and a really hot flight attendant.


Liam Dunbar: I'm his flight attendant.

Theo Raeken: Real pain is emotional pain. That is the kind of pain that lasts.

Mrs. Finch: There can be multiple sets of DNA in the same individual. We call that a chimera.

Dr. Alan Deaton: Someone is trying to make supernatural creatures with non-supernatural means. Protect your friends. Protect each other. Something like this shakes you to the core. The rules have changed.

Dr. Alan Deaton (to Sheriff Stilinski): I think the coroner might be very confused by this girl's severed reptilian tail.

Stiles Stilinski: I'm pretty sure I just felt my right leg move. Uh, yep, definitely felt it. Like a twinge, spasm, something...

Dr. Alan Deaton (lying at Stiles' feet): I'm going to have to disagree. And I think I hold an informed opinion.

Lydia Martin: I'm mostly just following a feeling.

Kira Yukimura: Your feeling usually lead to dead bodies.

Lydia Martin: Well, let me know if you find one.

Kira Yukimura: Isn't this like a crime scene or something?

Lydia Martin: No.

(they enter a room with "police line do not cross" tape)

Lydia Martin: Maybe. Don't worry about it.

Malia Tate (driving a car): What is that? What is beeping?

Lydia Martin: The car's telling you not to run into the tree.

Tracy Stewart: Don't worry, Daddy. I won't let anything happen to you. Ever again.

Stiles Stilinski (to his father): Well, you know someone your age should be happy you still have hair to cut.

Scott McCall: I think you look great.

Sheriff Stilinski: Well, thank you, son I should have had.

Sheriff Stilinski: If they're really guilty, eventually, they make a mistake. They always make a mistake.

Scott McCall: Why can't you trust anyone?

Stiles Stilinski: Because you trust everyone!

Liam Dunbar (to Scott): I fell in a hole.