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Sam Winchester: Lucifer! You know, at some point in time, you’re gonna have to come out and, and talk to… God.

Dean Winchester: This is like the worst episode of “Full House” ever.

Chuck: Listen, I know I’ve been gone for a while. I missed a few million birthdays.

Lucifer: Yeah, and then the second your apes send a distress flare – Boom! – Daddy’s home.

Chuck: No, that’s not what happened.

Dean Winchester: Hey, these apes saved your ass.

Lucifer: What happens in Heaven stays in Heaven.

Lucifer (to Sam, Metatron and Donatello): Oh, goody. Larry, Curly, Moe. Search and rescue?

Metatron: Donatello! Pleasure to meet you. Metatron, scribe of God. I was there when you were designed. I wrote your name on the inside of the angels’ eyelids.

Professor Donatello Redfield: He’s freaking me out.

Metatron: Dean! Thanks for inviting me.

Dean Winchester:  Inviting you? You’ve been circling the building all night. You sent me 200 text messages with dumbass emojis. You got three minutes.

Chuck (to Dean): If my plan doesn’t work, then humans will step up. You, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way. It’s why I saved you years ago. You’re the firewall between light and darkness.

Metatron (about God’s autobiography): Ignore the typos, but read it. It’s in his own words. It’s not an autobiography. It’s a suicide note.

Professor Donatello Redfield: Uh…I-I-I guess you know that I was an atheist, until 10 minutes ago. Is that an issue?

Chuck: Not for me. I mean, I believe in me. But your skepticism is to be expected. I did include free will in the kit.

Dean Winchester: Is that my computer?

Chuck: I’ve never seen so much p*rn. Not in one sitting.

Professor Donatello Redfield: It … It’s like asking me to believe in Santa Claus.

Dean Winchester: Oh, well, actually…

Sam Winchester: Dean, not now.

(In Impala, Donatello tries to escape)

Sam Winchester: It’s locked. Yeah, that, too.

Dean Winchester: Sometimes we keep monsters in the back.

Dean Winchester: Professor Redfield. FBI.

Professor Donatello Redfield: Call me Donatello.

Dean Winchester: Yeah.

Professor Donatello Redfield: I’m named after him.

Dean Winchester: The Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Professor Donatello Redfield: The, uh, Renaissance sculptor.

Dean Winchester: Right, of course.

Sam Winchester: I mean, it’s God. There’s so many things I want to ask him, uh, like, uh, t-the planets, you know? Why are they round? Or ears. I always thought they were strange.

Dean Winchester: Okay, fanboy, calm down.