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Clary Fray: Jace, if… if being a Shadowhunter means that I have to be dead inside… I’m not sure I want to be one.


Jace Wayland (to Clary): There was a boy… and his father bought him a falcon for his sixth birthday. His father told him to tame the bird. Make it obedient. And the boy would spend every day with that falcon. It would scratch at him. Make him bleed. But eventually… he earned its trust. He brought the bird to his father, to show him that the bird would come back to him. He thought his father would be proud. His father took the falcon and snapped its neck. Yes… the boy was devastated. But he realized his father was right. He was told to tame the bird… not to love it. That’s why you have to listen to your head. If I listened to my heart… I’d never be able to do my job. Third rule of Shadowhunting… emotions cloud judgment.


Isabelle Lightwood (to Clary about Simon): He won’t return alive or breathing. He’ll be a vampire.

Jace Wayland: And not the sexed up, romantic kind. The ugly, bloodsucking, coffin-dwelling kind.

Raphael Santiago: That’s offensive.

Jace Wayland: Really?

Raphael Santiago: Coffin implies wooden box. We have caskets now. They’re made of 14-karat gold.

Jace Wayland: First rule of Shadowhunting… when something explodes, just keep walking. Never think twice. Never look away.

Clary Fray: And what’s the second rule?

Isabelle Lightwood: There’s nothing a Shadowhunter can’t do in heels.

Camille Belcourt: You see... it's just my blood running through your veins. It can have some curious effects. But I assure you, they're all harmless. In time, they'll fade and you'll return to normal.

Simon Lewis: Thank God. Um... But I'm okay? I'm still human?

Camille Belcourt: Well, of course you are. Or at least you would've been.


Jace Wayland: You know what? I'm gonna bring Alec with me next time. I don't think he's ever slapped me in the face.

Clary Fray: I'm sorry, I panicked.


Isabelle Lightwood: Slept at Magnus' place?

Alec Lightwood: Didn't do much sleeping. I was helping treat Luke's wounds. That's all.

Isabelle Lightwood: Really?

Alec Lightwood: What?

Isabelle Lightwood: Nothing. I believe you.

Alec Lightwood: Okay, Magnus made cocktails. I'm telling you, nothing else happened.

Simon Lewis: I... I forgot to turn the oven off at my mom's.

Maureen Brown: Simon, you don't even cook.

Simon Lewis: Right, which is exactly why I probably left it on.


Maureen Brown: You were amazing.

Simon Lewis: Like, Fifty Shades of amazing?

Maureen Brown: Like, Pon farr amazing.

Simon Lewis: I love it when you speak Vulcan.


Clary Fray: This should be easy.

Magnus Bane: Hmm, that's what General Custer said.