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Victor Salazar: I don't know how I'm gonna say this, but I know that if I don't say it now, I'm gonna lose my nerve, so, um... Here it goes. Can you turn around?

Felix Weston: Seriously?

Victor Salazar: I'm, I'm sorry, it's just too much pressure with you staring at me, especially since you hardly ever blink.

Felix Weston: What are you talking about? I blink a normal amount.

Victor Salazar: Felix, uh... I... Like guys. Like, I'm into them. I thought I might for a while, but I wasn't totally sure, and. I really wanted to make things work with Mia, because she's awesome. But I, but I can't. Because. I like guys.

Felix Weston: Can I turn around now?

Victor Salazar: Yeah.

(Felix hugs Victor)

Felix Weston: I, um... I really don't know the perfect thing to say. But I'm really happy you told me. And this doesn't change anything between us, obviously.

Victor Salazar: Actually, as... As far as perfect things to say go, that was pretty good. Felix, don't cry.

Felix Weston: I'm not crying. You made me aware of my blinking. Irritated my eye.

Victor Salazar: Look, Simon, I trusted you. I thought that what I told you stayed between us, but now I realize this whole time you've been sitting around with your friends, laughing about my stupid, messed up life.

Simon Spier: Well, no. Victor, that's not... That is not what happened, I swear. Look, when you first messaged me, I was touched. Really. But... You know, I was scared, too. I, I know you want me to be this, like, guru who has all the answers, but the truth is, I don't. And I didn't want to push you too hard, or tell you the wrong thing. Or make your life any harder than it already was. And look, like you said in your first message, we're not the same. I never had a girlfriend. But Bram did. And I, I didn't have super religious parents, but Justin did. Every one of my friends had a little bit to offer. A little piece of the puzzle. They weren't sitting around laughing about your life. They were in your corner, listening, and helping, and, and cheering you on.

Victor Salazar: Why would they want to help a complete stranger?

Simon Spier: Because you're not a stranger. You're one of us. To me, that's the best part about all of this. Having a community. A group of friends that gave up an entire weekend to help a kid that they've never met, just because they know that on some level, we've all been through the same thing. Because we're family.

Felix Weston: Do you know how many times I scrubbed the word "Lonestone" off these walls today? Twenty‐one times. And each time is your fault. Ever since you created that stupid nickname, I wasn't a person. I was a joke. And no girl wants to date a joke.

Andrew: Oh, come on, man. I just like to make people laugh.

Felix Weston: Nobody's laughing because you're funny. They're laughing because they don't want to be the next victim of a dumb clichéd jock straight out of an '80s movie.

Felix Weston: You know, you're like, a tall super tall giant.

Andrew: Are you hitting on me?

Felix Weston: No! No, I'm insulting you. I'm not good at trash talk, because unlike you, I'm a good person.

(The coffe machine is broken and someone has to take it to get repaired in another city...)

Benji Campbell: Please, Victor. I, I can't do another road trip with Sarah. Last time, she made us stop at the Ann Taylor Outlet. Two hours of watching her try on irregular turtlenecks. She bought them all, Victor. All of them.

(Lake and Felix are kissing...)

Lake Meriwether: How'd you get so good at this?

Felix Weston: YouTube.

Lake Meriwether: Oh. No. No hickeys. No one can know about this. This has to stay our little secret.

Felix Weston: Well, three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Lake Meriwether: What?

Felix Weston: Sorry. Benjamin Franklin quote. I, I won't tell anyone.

Lake Meriwether: Yeah. No more talking.

Felix Weston: That's what you deserve, Lake. A guy who would sacrifice everything, because he knows that the only thing that matters in this entire world is you.

Lake Meriwether: Tell me the truth. Mm. What's my number?

Felix Weston: N‐No. No way. I, I can't do that. I...

Lake Meriwether: Okay, stop with the chivalry and just give me a number, and do not tell me I'm a 10, because I totally won't believe you.

Felix Weston: I...I think you deserve a guy who who doesn't reduce you to a number.

(Felix is explaining the rules of the game Catan...)

Lake Meriwether (to Mia): Okay, this is the most bored I have ever been. And I'm including that time you tricked me into listening to a podcast.

Felix Weston: Who's ready to start playing?

Lake Meriwether: Wait, we haven't started? What have we been doing for the last 45 minutes?

Felix Weston: A tutorial.

Lake Meriwether: Okay, relax. You look amazing. And if Victor doesn't hook up with you, I will.

Mia Brooks: Yeah, I really wish you'd stop offering that.

Benji Campbell (about sleeping with girls): This was back when I was figuring things out. Turns out human sexuality is less of a straight line, and more of a Cirque du Soleil show. Long, confusing, and full of sexy clowns.

(Victor's Grandpa saw Benji and Derek kissing...)

Armando Salazar: Tito just saw your two friends, the, uh, guys in the band, kissing.

Victor Salazar: Uh... That's because they're... together.

Victor's Grandpa: You need to tell them not to do that here. What if your little brother sees them?

Armando Salazar: Victor, just... please. It's a family party.

Victor Salazar: No! I'm sorry, Papi. I really wanted today to go smoothly, but those are my friends. I'm not gonna tell them not to be who they are if that bothers you. That's your problem. Not theirs, and not mine.

Victor's Grandma:This is how you teach your son to speak to his abuelo?

Isabel Salazar: Yeah. It is. I raised him to be true to himself, and to stand up for the people that he cares about.

Mia Brooks (to Pilar): It's pretty terrible, isn't it? When you realize your parents don't actually have it all together. That they're actually just pretending they know what they're doing for our sake. Well, the good ones bother pretending.

Victor Salazar: Lake, would you be able to do me a huge favor and run to the Mexican bakery and pick up a tres leches cake?

Lake Meriwether: Oh...

Felix Weston: I'll come with you. Uh, Victor's grandfather said I'm no longer allowed to follow him around with Google translate, so...