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Duela Doe: Gotta say... I don't utterly loathe this new Bat-Brat.

Turner Hayes: You gotta work on the compliment thing.

Duela Doe: Well, it's not a compliment. It's an observation.

Turner Hayes: So, you're observing me?

Duela Doe: Oh, I'm always watching.

Turner Hayes: And what do you see?

Duela Doe: Well, I think it's more... what I don't see. Guardrails. Safety nets. You're outside of your comfort zone, and I think you like it there.

TV News: Seems to me Gotham got some new knights. While the identity of these so-called "Gotham Knights" remains unknown, after today's redistribution of wealth, Gotham is one step closer to ending the McKillens' reign of terror, and it seems we have a new generation of protectors to thank for it. Ever since...

Turner Hayes: We all just saw that, right? That happened?

Duela Doe: Yup. All those people got our money.

Harper Row: And they think we did it out of the goodness of our hearts.

Cullen Row: They called us the Gotham Knights.

Harper Row: I'll take that over "Bruce Wayne's killers."

Turner Hayes: What do you think's gonna happen when they realize their new heroes are also their most wanted fugitives?

Turner Hayes: We're gonna rob the mob.


Carrie Kelley: "Rob the mob"? Since when are we letting Duela come up with all the plans?

Stephanie Brown: Actually, this one's all Turner.

Carrie Kelley: Congrats, Turner. You're officially crazier than the Crazy One.

Court member: Tell us where we can find the 3 remaining fugitives.

Turner Hayes: You're asking me to betray them?

Cressida Clarke: Do it. It's the only way to save your life.

Turner Hayes: Then it's not a life worth saving.

Duela Doe: You do realize it's impossible to guilt me into anything, right?

Turner Hayes: Fine. You'll get to punch a bunch of Mutants.

Duela Doe: Oh! Should've led with that. I'll get my purse.

Turner Hayes: My dad used to say that every strength is secretly a weakness.

Duela Doe: OK, all due respect to Daddy's Batproverbs, but what the hell does that mean?

Carrie Kelley: It means the most vulnerable areas are the ones you're not worried about.

Turner Hayes: Once we clear our names, we're paying it back.

Harper Row: Right. Just as soon as the store pays back all the child labor they exploited to make this stuff.

Cullen Row: Well, you know if you victimize the victimizer, then it's a victimless crime.

Turner Hayes: I'm not sure the law sees it that way.

Duela Doe: Just as long as they don't see you, right?

Duela Doe: I am not going anywhere with him.

Turner Hayes: We have to stick together or they'll pick us off one by one.

Duela Doe: You almost just got us killed.

Turner Hayes: I know. I'm sorry.

(Duela punches him)

Duela Doe: Apology accepted. Ooh! I call shotgun!

Turner Hayes: Who the hell are you?

Carrie Kelley: I'm Robin.

Turner Hayes: Wait, I know you.

Carrie Kelley: Carrie Kelley.

Turner Hayes: From trig!

Harvey Dent: We're gonna find whoever it was.

Turner Hayes: Are you sure? With no Batman, who's gonna solve the murder of Bruce Wayne?

Turner Hayes: For years, you knew Bruce Wayne as Gotham's most prominent businessman, and now you know him as the city's savior, Batman. But to me... he was just my dad. He had an entire city to save. And yet, he insisted on saving one more. Me. When my parents were killed, he gave me a home. He took a scared, broken kid from the worst part of Gotham and raised me as his own. An orphan himself, he was no stranger to how dangerous and cruel the city can be. But instead of retreating into despair, he became a force for justice. A beacon of hope... for all to look to when hope seems lost. What he stood for will always live on. It was my father's belief that each of us could become a light strong enough to defy the darkness.

Turner Hayes: After my parents were murdered, I was adopted by the richest man in the city. He took me in. Gave me everything I could want, except the reason why. In a city filled with orphans, why me? Turns out that wasn't the only secret he was keeping. He hid from the world who he really was, behind the mask. But then again, so did I. Pretending to fit into a world I didn't belong. But it's only when you're forced to take off the mask that you discover who you really are.

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Gotham Knights Quotes

Gotham Knights Quotes

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