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Kleya Marki (to Luthen): It's all different now. We're going loud. Vulnerability is inevitable.

Vel Sartha: Haven't we been apart long enough?

Cinta Kaz: It's not about us.

Vel Sartha: After what we've been through?

Cinta Kaz: You think the Empire stops to catch its breath? This is a fight to the death, Vel.

Brasso (about Maarva): What was she doing by the hotel?

Bix Caleen: She's obsessed with Troopers. She fell trying to pry open the old Rix flood gate.

Brasso: She gonna flush them out?

Bix Caleen: No. She wanted to see if the tunnel under the hotel was still open.

Brasso: Why?

Bix Caleen: So the Rebellion can sneak in and take them by surprise. She's a Rebel.

Senator: If you're doing nothing wrong, what is there to fear?

Mon Mothma: I'm fearing your definition of wrong.

Perrin Fertha: Well, good luck, feeding the galaxy. I'm off to feed myself.

Tay Kolma: Charity begins at home.

Perrin Fertha (to Tay about Mon): The Senator is pitching politics, not charity. Saving the Empire from the Emperor.

Kino Loy (to Cassian): Sick, injured, you talk to me. Problems with another inmate, I'll know before you do. Losing hope, your mind, keep it to yourself.

Syril Karn (to Dedra): Can one ever be too aggressive in preserving order?

Maarva Andor: Take all the money you've found and go and find some peace.

Cassian Andor: I won't have peace. I'll be worried about you all the time.

Maarva Andor: That's just love. Nothing you can do about that. I've never loved anything the way I love you, and I've never fretted on anything more, but this time... you can't stay, and I can't go. Tell me you understand.

Cassian Andor: I don't.

Maarva Andor: You will. You'll see.

Maarva Andor: Whatever it takes. I've been lying around waiting to die long enough.

Cassian Andor: You can't beat them, Maarva.

Maarva Andor: Not if I run away.

Mon Mothma (to Kolma): It's a lie. The Mon Mothma people think they know, it's a lie. It's a projection. It's a front. I've learned from Palpatine. I show you the stone in my hand, you miss the knife at your throat.

Tay Kolma: Typical banker. No one pays me to be original.

Mon Mothma: You realize what you've set in motion?

Luthen Rael: It was time for that as well.

Mon Mothma: Palpatine won't hesitate now.

Luthen Rael: Exactly! We need it. We need the fear. We need them to overreact.

Mon Mothma: You can't be serious.

Luthen Rael: The Empire has been choking us so slowly, we're starting not to notice. The time has come to force their hand.

Mon Mothma: People will suffer.

Luthen Rael: That's the plan.

(The Imperials set a bunch of harsh rules and regulations againts any sector where Rebels show up...)

Dedra Meero: We're playing straight into their hands.

Heert: Whose hands?

Dedra Meero: The rebels. This is exactly what they want. We're treating what happened at Aldhani like a robbery.

Heert: What would you call it?

Dedra Meero: An announcement.

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