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Saw Gerrera: I am the only one with clarity of purpose.

Luthen Rael (laughs): Well, anarchy is a seductive concept. A bit of a luxury I'd argue to a man who is hiding in cold caves, and begging for spare parts.

Saw Gerrera: What are you, Luthen? I've never really known. What are you?

Luthen Rael: I'm a coward. I'm a man who's terrified the Empire's power will grow beyond the point where we can do anything to stop it. I'm the one who says, "We'll die with nothing if we don't put aside our petty differences."

Luthen Rael (to Saw Gerra): We need the Empire to help. We need them angry. We need them coming down hard. Oppression breeds rebellion.

Luthen Rael (to Saw Gerra): We need to pull together, Saw! Whatever our final version of success looks like, there's no chance any of us can make it real on our own.

Saw Gerrera: Aren't you tired of playing behind the scenes, Luthen?

Luthen Rael: Aren't you tired of fighting with people who agree with you?

Kleya Marki (to Luthen): It's all different now. We're going loud. Vulnerability is inevitable.

Vel Sartha: Haven't we been apart long enough?

Cinta Kaz: It's not about us.

Vel Sartha: After what we've been through?

Cinta Kaz: You think the Empire stops to catch its breath? This is a fight to the death, Vel.

Brasso (about Maarva): What was she doing by the hotel?

Bix Caleen: She's obsessed with Troopers. She fell trying to pry open the old Rix flood gate.

Brasso: She gonna flush them out?

Bix Caleen: No. She wanted to see if the tunnel under the hotel was still open.

Brasso: Why?

Bix Caleen: So the Rebellion can sneak in and take them by surprise. She's a Rebel.

Senator: If you're doing nothing wrong, what is there to fear?

Mon Mothma: I'm fearing your definition of wrong.

Senator: The Emperor's primary charge is to protect us, is it not? And that's what the P.O.R.D. legislation will do.

Mon Mothma: How much protection is enough?

Perrin Fertha: Well, good luck, feeding the galaxy. I'm off to feed myself.

Tay Kolma: Charity begins at home.

Perrin Fertha (to Tay about Mon): The Senator is pitching politics, not charity. Saving the Empire from the Emperor.

Kino Loy (to Cassian): Sick, injured, you talk to me. Problems with another inmate, I'll know before you do. Losing hope, your mind, keep it to yourself.

Syril Karn (to Dedra): Can one ever be too aggressive in preserving order?

Maarva Andor: Take all the money you've found and go and find some peace.

Cassian Andor: I won't have peace. I'll be worried about you all the time.

Maarva Andor: That's just love. Nothing you can do about that. I've never loved anything the way I love you, and I've never fretted on anything more, but this time... you can't stay, and I can't go. Tell me you understand.

Cassian Andor: I don't.

Maarva Andor: You will. You'll see.