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Wullf Yularen: The criminals responsible for last night's atrocity on Aldhani think they've taken the Empire by surprise. We know better. We know the real shock will be when they discover how ready and eager we are to respond, to be prepared, to be here this morning and know that the only question we need to answer is how tight to close our fist. This is why we plan. This is why we work so hard when we're at peace. This is why we recruit so carefully and demand so much.

Arvel Skeen (to Cassian): You're like me, we were born in the hole, all we know is climbing over somebody else to get out.

Cassian Andor: So no rebellion for you?

Arvel Skeen: Oh, I'm a rebel. It's just, uh... me against everybody else.

Arvel Skeen (about Nemik): You think he'll make it?

Cassian Andor: He could get lucky.

Arvel Skeen: Yeah, luck. It drives the whole damn galaxy, doesn't it?

Jayhold Beehaz: You'll hang for this. (for betraying the Empire and helping the Rebels)

Lieutenant Gorn: Seven years serving you? I deserve worse than that.

(Vel and the other rebels take Beehaz's family hostage...)

Jayhold Beehaz: You'll kill us anyway.

Vel Sartha: 'Cause that's what you'd do, right? No. If we get what we came for, everyone walks away.

Dhani Leader (in Dhani language): Tell him our ghosts have strong hands and long memories.

Lieutenant Gorn (to Beehaz): He says, "May The Eye find the good in all of us."

Karis Nemik: You think it's hopeless, do you? Freedom? Independence? Justice? We should just submit and be thankful? Just take what we're given?

Cassian Andor: Do I look thankful to you?

Cassian Andor (to Nemik): The Empire doesn't play by the rules. They don't care enough to learn. They don't have to. You mean nothing to them.

Karis Nemik (to Cassian): I wrote about you last night. Not you specifically, not "Clem." Although I'm assuming that's not your real name, anyway. "The Role of Mercenaries in The Galactic Struggle for Freedom." My conclusion is simple. Weapons are tools. Those that use them are, by extension, assets that we must use to our best advantage. The Empire has no moral boundaries, why should we not take hold of every chance we can? Let them see how an insurgency adapts.

Karis Nemik: I'm struggling to understand why my faith doesn't calm me. I believe in something. Why am I so unsettled?

Kleya Marki: It'll all be over this time tomorrow.

Luthen Rael: Or it'll just be starting.

Kleya Marki: Or that.

Cassian Andor (about Gorn): What's an Imperial lieutenant doing getting involved with this?

Vel Sartha: What difference does it make?

Cassian Andor: Everyone else seems to know.

Vel Sartha: He fell in love with a local woman and lost a promotion. Then he lost the woman. Then he lost his taste for the Empire. Everyone has their own rebellion.

Heert: You're onto something. Kessel, Fondor, targeting consoles from Jakku, proton warheads from Base Cay, the Steergard Star path.

Dedra Meero: He's right though. It's too spread out to be organized.

Heert: But you don't believe that.

Dedra Meero: I know this. If I was them, this is how I'd do it. I'd spread it out. Never climb the same fence twice.

Heert: It's too random to be random.

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